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Outdated Energy-Free(/reduced) Grappling Hook [Angry Koala] 1.1

Use the Grappling Hook at reduced or free energy costs!

  1. AvalerionDrake
    Energy-Free Grappling Hook [ver. Angry Koala] 1.1

    A very simple mod to allow indefinite use of the grappling hook without cost to energy. A second mod is provided that, if you do not wish to have the grappling hook completely energy-free, will instead reduce the energy cost to 20% of its original value.

    To install:
    locate the mod folder for Starbound in your steam folder
    Unzip, and install -ONE- of the mod folders. Either energy-free or energy-reduced. NOT BOTH.
    Enjoy! Grapple hooks will use either 20%/40%/70% energy or no energy at all, depending on installed mod.
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