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Enable Monsters Special Attacks 1.3

Now they will breath fire, spout eyeballs, shoot rainbows, and many other ranged attacks!

  1. Compatibility update and some attempts at balancing

    Compatibility fix:
    • Compatibility update: Changed the operation "replace" instead of "remove" for modifying the "delayFire" to prevent incompatibility with other mods that attempt to change the same thing (thanks to Ryuu Kegare for notifying the possible conflict);
    Attempts at balancing (still far from perfect - let me know how it goes on your end!):
    • Balance update: adjusted beamBurstAttack speed;
    • Balance update: more bubbles in bubbleAttack, less power;
    • Balance update: reduced the amount of eyeballs in eyeballSprayAttack, made them more bouncy;
    • Balance update: reduced iceBlastAttak damage, added "frostslow" elemental effect;
    • Balance update: reduced shockingBoltAttack damage;
    • Balance update: reduced spiceCloudAttack damage;
    • Balance update: reduced iceShot damage, added more speed and "frostsnare" elemental effect;
    • Balance update: added the duration of staticDischargeAttack to make it more useful;
    • Balance update: acidicSpitAttack now spawn jelly liquid;
    • Balance update: waterGunAttack now spawn water liquid, decreased the damage;
    • Balance update: explosivePhlegm supposedly now spawn jelly liquid.
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