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Elunite Race Mod 2.0.1

Adds Elunite as a playable Race!

  1. Steel Trigger Fix v3.0b+

    -Version 3.0b(Fix +)-

    Fixed a Quest Trigger to notice steel armor

    I'm not positive if the armor has to be re-crafted or not., to gain the steelarmor trigger.​
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  2. Update O.R.B.I.S v3.0b

    -Version 3.0b(Fixed)-

    Fixed Recipe Issue
    Custom SHIP AI
    Fixed Armor Recipes (Thanks Arken Ro)
    Fixed some minor sprite glitches ( Helm and Clothing)
    S.A.I.L is now know as O.R.B.I.S
    Changed Character Creation Icons for Male and Female (Ram)

    Not sure if there was anything else I've changed or updated .​
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  3. Upbeat Giraffe v3.0a

    Due to the majority of changes, it took me a lot longer to get around to releasing this. There isn't everything i wanted to add but at least it's changed a lot since the last release.

    -Version 3.0a-

    Compatible with Upbeat Giraffe
    Re-Done Character Sprites
    Re-Done Hairstyles and Heads
    Renamed Character Creation Details
    Added a type of "Branding" called Modules (Not Official)
    Added 3 Clothing Types + 1 Invisible
    Re-Done Name Generator ( Computer Related Names)
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  4. Tier 2 Armour Set

    -Version 2.2-
    Hairstyle Climb Sprites
    Tier 2 Armour Set

    Now distributed in Modpack Format
    (Helps reduce overwriting issues and complications)​
  5. Novakid+ Compatibility Fix

    -Version 2.1.1-
    Fixed Novakid+ Compatibility
  6. Hairstyle Overhaul

    -Version 2.1-
    Finishing Touches
    Fix Weapon Mechanics
    (Reduce Cooldown - Increase DMG)
    Correction of any Errors
    (Missing Recipes)
    Overhaul of Hairstyles
    (7 Hairstyles Completely Redone)
    Small update to Female Gender
    New injured "Hurt" Sounds
    Customization Text

    Mod Switched from .7z format to .zip format
    due to people having issues extracting
  7. Race Overhaul

    -Version 2.0-
    Extra Body Colours
    Updated Character Sprites
    Updated Race Images
    Updated Gender Icons
    Updated Colour Blends
    Tier 1 armour and weapon
    Conversion of starter weapon
    Custom weapon animations
    Complete name generator update
    A New hair style for each Gender​