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Elunite Race Mod 2.0.1

Adds Elunite as a playable Race!

  1. Entering the Grid Touch UP

    - Version 1.0.1 -

    Just a few small fixes that needed a quick patch up.

    Modified Elunite Character Creation Light Colours
    (better matching and a few more shade options)
    Fixed Agile Pants Recipe not showing up.​
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  2. Entering the Grid

    -Version 1.0.1-

    So let me introduce you to Elunite Update 1.0.1.. The greatest update so far... why? let me tell you.
    A unique Ship Pet, for your petting needs or if you get lonely.
    Shelves missing some decorations? 2 Elunite Action Figures Trophies to display.
    Want to adventure? We have light cables to lighten your decend into the caves.
    Rainy day and want to jump off a cliff? we got you too, don't forget your Baton that...
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  3. Updated for v1.1

    -Version 1.0.0c-
    We are still pressing on content and the ship is coming along nicely. all tier'd armours are completed until t5, only lacking the 3x Tier 6 armours now.

    -Whats New?-
    Minor Fixes
    Tier 5 a,s and m Completed
    Some T 6 Implemented but not completed

    Take a look at the discussion boards to see the released sneak peaks.

    Report any bugs through the discussion board with your change log
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  4. Updated for v1.0

    -Version 1.0.0b-

    The last few weeks have been a big jump towards the direction we have been searching for the Elunites to be at. We've finally found our stepping stone and have been creating and pushing out as much progress as possible.

    -Whats New?-

    Tier 1 to 4 armors have been completed
    Craft-able Uniforms and Extra costume with Correct dyes.
    Tons of Fixes or Corrections

    Take a look at the discussion boards to see the released sneak peaks....​
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  5. Updated for v1.0

    -Version 1.0.0a-

    Added custom 144 locker storage
    (this was to fix the issue with the poor locker grids being off screen and hard to see)
    Locker storage should now act as fridge as well.

    Death animation has also been started to be worked on.
    Currently only the platform has been added while using the nova kids re-spawn.
    (i hate animations)

    Maybe something else...​
  6. Updated for v1.0

    -Version 1.0.0-

    Tons of fixes and re-arranging has been done and still needs to be done.
    T4 ship has been added.
    Sprites edited.
    Some weapons have been added but not all may be functional.
    Recipes are also missing for some of the weapons. (due to the new A,S,M tier addons)

    So with all the down time, the positive side is.... it works now.​
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  7. Backtracking Update v3.1b

    -Version 3.1b-

    Added New Face Modules - Total = 18
    Altered Storage Locker Beam Animation
    Fixed More Loose Pixels and Corrections
    Changed Energy Tank Seed Icon (To make it match better)
    Added Custom Grunt Sounds (Removed male grunt place holder)
    Removed Duplicate Female Hairstyle (Replaced with Bald/Hairless)
    Added New Colour for Modules (Default Blended Too Much - made them Dark)
    Added New Female Hairstyles (Probably need some reworking later) - Total = 10​
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  8. Tech Unlock Fix v3.1a

    -Version 3.1a-

    Fixed Tech Unlock Crash
    Locker Storage now has 256 slots​
  9. Tiered Light Disc Update v3.1

    -Version 3.1-

    Fixing Minor Errors
    Pixel Corrections
    Unique Storage Locker
    Harvest-Able Containers (Farmables)
    Tier 3 - 10 Light Disc and Throwing Projectiles

    Currently Light Disc's from 3 to 10 do not have a description or title for now.​
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  10. Update Flags and Re-Spawn 3.0c

    -Version 3.0c-

    Skull ( Now Seen as a Floppy Disk)
    Flags ( Added 3 coloured versions - Male, Female and Neutral)
    Created entirely new re-spawn animation ( Probably re work it later)

    I changed ship to the apex one, but i left the original human ship in it as well so it wouldn't break for those who don't want to re start.​
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