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Elemental Flashlights v1b

Affect things caught in the light of these elemental flashlights!

  1. Multistream
    Version: v1b
    There are too many of them in chests
  2. Crusism
    Version: v1b
    Remember that moment in Alan Wake where you'd shine your flashlight at your foes and they'd just scream in pain and horror - despite being horrors themselves?

    This Mod is That Moment, but less screaming. 5/5

    Also, I'm really hoping for a huge variety of shapes for these light effects: wieldable lanterns, placeable-lights (i.e. street lights, torches, etc.), vehicles frontlights, wired/automated signal distress lights, light-emitting blocks, etc.

    I mean the whole shazaam of buff and de-buff lights all over the place, from your vehicle and from what you're holding! That'd add another layer to game mechanics and dungeon making completely by a single mod alone - WITH THE POWER OF LIGHT!
  3. Yurioppoor
    Version: v1
    I like the Healing flashlight very much, keeps my crew and pet alive! Thanks~