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Outdated Electric Home Defense 1.8.1

Invasions, traps, an electric power system and so much more!

  1. The Quarry!

    - New Object: The Quarry
    The quarry mines out blocks at the cost of energy. To use it place down the quarry and then a quarry marker in it's direction. The distance of these two defines the width of blocks to mine. After interacting with the quarry and giving it energy it'll start.
    When interacting with it again or when the quarry stucks it comes back up again. It saves his progress and will try to resume next time.
    While mining it collects and stores the blocks. When the quarry is back up it displays if it has items and you can get them by interacting with it.​
    - New Object: Electric Crafting Table
    Thanks to dw420 we have an own (electric) crafting table now. So all crafting happens there and only it must be crafted at the wooden crafting table.​
    - Many minor improvements and fixes
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