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Outdated Easy and Exotic (Almost) Pets 1.0

Makes all monsters drop their filled creature capture capsule on death.

  1. debugman18
    This mod enables filled creature capsule drop on every monster in the game on death. Yes, that includes penguins, robots, birds, and fish. They won't all follow you, however, as that behavior doesn't exist for all of them, and I'm not adding that to every single one. (Yet.)

    Currently compatible with Beta v. Indignant Koala. Compatible with any mod that does not modify creature behaviors.

    To install, I suggest using a mod manager. If you aren't using a mod manager, follow this tutorial to install mods without overwriting game files:

    Notice: Currently, every monster will drop their capsule on death, regardless of cause of death. I may change this later on, to where only capture capsules will cause them to drop filled capsules. This is a client-side mod; it will not work on servers unless the server also has the mod installed.