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Earth's Finest - Crew Improvements 1.7a

Improvements and balancing for crewmembers

  1. Mickyan
    This mod aims to make recruiting your crew a more worthwhile endeavour, greatly increasing the strenght and usefulness of your crew members.
    By making each class unique and useful in their own way, choosing the right person to bring on a mission can make a difference.

    Additionally, your tailor will now consider your head slot items for your crew's uniform!

    Buffs, nerfs, tweaks, we got it all!

    Final compatibility pass

    Added compatibility for mods that edit player.config

    All combat classes have gone through a balance pass, they should better fit their role now. Outlaws and mechanics in particular have different purpose in mind.

    Note that compared to vanilla, all crewmembers are stronger across the board. This changelog compares the previous values from this mod

    Reduced health and regeneration
    Increased damage
    Increased invulnerability time after hit
    Increased run speed

    Slightly increased health
    Increased damage

    Increased health and regeneration

    Reduced health
    Reduced invulnerability time after hit

    Reduced health
    Reduced invulnerability time after hit
    Slightly increased damage

    Reduced health
    Reduced invulnerability time after hit

    The Janitor finally got a promotion! Now called Quartermaster, they act as your personal merchants. They have slightly better prices for buying and selling items compared to merchants in the outpost.
    (If your former janitor was in your active party at the time of this update you will be unable to dismiss them, easiest way to fix it is to trap them in lava or have a monster kill them, they'll respawn on the ship and stay there)
    Idle crewmembers will wander around less frequently
    Penguins no longer have their weapons out at all times

    Each class now has an assigned weapon type - no more randomly assigned weapons for soldiers
    Soldier - Assault Rifles
    Outlaw - Sniper Rifles (+ dagger)
    Engineer - Rocket Launchers (no melee)
    Mechanic, Janitor - Shotguns

    In a nutshell, soldiers are jack of all trades, outlaws excel at long range and engineers are heavy hitters, particularly effective against bosses but they won't fare well against small and agile enemies!

    Fix for crew members becoming unresponsive

    Crewmembers can apply field buffs from slightly further away

    Fixed crashing caused by the latest patch
    Compared to current vanilla version, crewmembers do roughly one third more damage


    Custom uniforms include head items
    Default uniform now has a cap
    Crewmembers carry different weapons (depending on class)
    Crewmembers are stronger, do more damage, have higher health, regeneration and have varying after-hit invulnerability timers depending on crew class
    Increased invulnerability timer to 2s (was 1s)
    Increased number of active crew followers to 3 (was 2)
    Crewmen can apply field buffs for farther away

    Soldiers are versatile, capable of dealing good amounts of damage in any situation. Always a safe choice to bring along.
    Equipped with assault rifles and broadswords

    Outlaws are nimble and reckless, favoring quick engagements over prolonged fights. They can often slip through right into enemy lines, but they can't withstand too many hits.
    Equipped with sniper rifles and daggers

    The Engineer's main role is working on the ship, but on the field they're in charge of the big guns! However, rockets may have a hard time hitting small, fast targets and having no melee weapons of their own, Engineers are better suited for taking down big, slow targets.
    Equipped with rocket launchers, avoids getting too close to enemies if possible

    Decreased fuel efficiency increase to 2% (was 10%)
    Doubled the time required between upgrades

    Chemists trade personal firepower for applying powerful buffs to the leader
    Equipped with pistols and autopistols, avoids getting too close to enemies if possible

    Increased rage/speed/jump field buff durations to 180s (was 30)
    Increased glow field buff duration to 540s (was 90)

    Whether it's during a tough fight or a long expedition, medics will do their best to stop you from bleeding all over the place. A perfect addition for every mission.
    If your health is under 50% (and the cooldown is over), simply stand next to a medic to get healed.
    Equipped with pistols and autopistols, avoids getting too close to enemies if possible

    Increased field healing amount tenfold!
    Health threshold activation increased to 50% (was 20%)

    Mechanics spend most of their time working on the ship, but on the field they are extremely sturdy, boasting by far the most health and regeneration of every other class.
    Their shotguns are handy at dealing with multiple enemies, or hard to hit targets.
    Equipped with a shotgun and wrench.

    Doubled the time required between ship upgrades

    Quartermaster (former Janitor)
    The Quartermaster is the backbone of every crew. He's in charge of supplies and acts as your personal merchant, selling consumables and general supplies, some of which would be otherwise difficult to find.
    Buying items is 5% cheaper than outpost merchants and selling items yields 5% more pixels.

    Mods that change existing crewmembers might have issues

    Uninstall Notes
    It should be safe to unistall whenever you please, however the removal of default headgear from all existing crewmembers is not reversible. You have been warned.

    Crashes/Known Issues
    Patch 1.0.3 modified some of the files used by this mod, causing a crash on startup. It's now fixed, but should that happen again, as mentioned above this mod can be uninstalled without worry, leave me a message and I'll fix it as soon as possible.

    If you complete one of the guard villager quests that upgrades their headgear, they'll sometimes still wear it if they are recruited.

    Quartermaster might move away while you're trading with him. This is a vanilla bug that occurs with the tailor aswell.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. ChronoHyperion
    Version: 1.7a
    One of the greatest mods I've ever seen and used, but can you make it compatible for 1.3 to fix some issues.
  2. Azure XIII
    Azure XIII
    Version: 1.7a
    It's just what I've been looking for... although it might be a little too much. I hope there a version of this where only the tailor headgear inclusion applies, and not the stat mods.
  3. BebopCola
    Version: 1.7a
    Excellent mod! Is there a way to make other crew members sheath their weapons/med packs while on the ship like the notes say the Penguins do? I'd rather the soldiers, medics, and engineers not be carrying their gear in their hand while on the ship.
  4. oOFAITHOo
    Version: 1.7a
    I'll just leave this rating here, but, is this compatible with "enemiesarentstupid"mod? because you know it might conflict since this mod changes how the enemies and npc's fight or in combat, but I'm not sure if it changes specifically on crew members.
  5. Akito_Rui33
    Version: 1.7a
    Fantastic mod!!!
    Only if we can remove the ugly cap...
  6. Goatsly
    Version: 1.6
    The Only Crew Improvement mod I use and the only one I feel like I need, would love to see some more minor things implemented like the option to set different uniforms for different roles as well as options to set certain colors for certain roles or do away with the forced color scheme for a less potential tacky look. Great job, can't wait to see where this goes no matter what.
  7. origamania
    Version: 1.6
    The best crew mod. Combat is varied depending on jobs, and the damage of 2 or 3 crewmembers is really good. The nerf on the mechanic and engineers was needed, I don't know why the devs haven't done anything about this.
  8. RianmakeR
    Version: 1.5
    Cool mod but the crew does not want to wear headgear anymore(