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Earth's Battle Heritage 1.6

Earth Weapon Pack

  1. Earth's Battle Heritage v 1.6 (EN)

    Mini-update 1.6

    5 assault rifles:
    - FN FAL
    - FAMAS
    - IMI Galil (+ mod version)
    - G11
    - HK 416 (+ mod version)

    4 submachine gun:
    - FN P90 (+ mod version)
    - UMP 45 (+ mod version)
    - Micro UZI
    - UZI (+ mod version)

    I recommend as an additional download a great mod from this author :iswydt::

    Our add-ons are perfectly combined :up:

    That's all for now
    Report any bugs and stay...
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  2. Earth's Battle Heritage v 1.5 (EN)

    Update 1.5

    What's new:
    - Added 3 new sniper rifles.
    - All assault rifles now have a modified version.
    - Reworked textures of Russian models of weapons on higher quality (including texture modified versions).
    - Added 2 new weapon modification.

    That's all for now.

    Report any bugs and stay tuned.

    Weapon visual: Rhopunzel