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Earth's Battle Heritage 2.9.5

Earth Weapon Pack

  1. Earth's Battle Heritage (2.9.5)

    Update 2.9.5

    Added weapons:
    - VSSK Vykhlop

    - T-5000
    - 9A-91 (+ mod. version)
    - AKS-74U (+mod. version)

    Fixed CR-21 name in inventory
  2. Earth's Battle Heritage (v 2.9.2)

    Small update 2.9.2

    - Fixed an issue where the AS "VAL" and VSS "Vintorez" could's improve to the "Rare" rank on normal weapon table. Now to improve you will need a Rare Weapons Table
    - SVD texture replaced to higher quality:



    1. svd.png
  3. Earth's Battle Heritage 2.9.1

    Update 2.9 (Fix 1)

    Added processor!
    Now you can buy processor in the Weapon Store
  4. Eath's Battle Heritage (2.9)

    Update 2.9

    What's new:
    - Added armor (2 suits + improved versions)
    - Added 2 new objects: Armor's Shop and Armor's Workbench

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Costumes can be purchased at the armor Shop...
  5. Earth's Battle Geritage v 2.8

    Update 2.8

    What's new:
    - All weapons and shields, that can be upgraded to the "Uncommon" rank, can now be upgraded to the "Rare" rank on Rare Weapon Table (except M1928)

    Added weapons:
    - P38
    - Luger
    - M1928 (+mod.)

    - SKS Full Mod is now impossible to buy in the Weapon Store, you can only get it by upgrade the SKS to the rank "Uncommon".
    - Slightly changed the appearance of SKS Full Mod
    - Price of SKS in...
  6. Earth's Battle Heritage 2.7

    Update 2.7

    What's new:
    - Added shields: Russian Specnaz shield, GSG-9 shield and police shield.
    Shields can be upgraded to "Uncommon" rank. In future updates, I will add a few more shields and make it possible to improve them to the " Rare" rank
    Buy shields in the Weapon Store and improve them on the Weapon Table.

    - Added grenades: F1 grenade and world war II German grenade "Stielhandgranate"

    - Improve to the "Rare" rank can now be all submachine guns...
  7. Earth's Battle Heritage v 2.6

    Update 2.6

    What's new:

    - Added a new rank for weapons.
    Now the weapon can be improved to the rank of "Rare".
    At the moment, to the rank of "Rare" can be improved only assault rifles, in the next update will be added the rest of the weapons.

    - Added a Rare Weapons Table, where you can improve weapons to the rank of "Rare" (Screenshot attached).

    - Added new upgrades by which you can improve the weapon to the rank of "Rare".

    New weapon:
    - RPG-7

  8. Earth's Battle Heritage v 2.5

    Update 2.5

    New weapon:
    - MP40 (+ mod)
    - USM3
    - STG44 (+ mod)
    - M1 Carabine (+ mod)
    - Webley
    - FG42
    - Thompson M1 (+ mod)
    - M60 (+ mod)

    - Small text corrections
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  9. Earth's Battle Heritage v 2.1.1

    Fixed crash when starting game
  10. Earth's Battle Heritage v 2.1

    Update 2.1

    Added new weapon:
    - Mosina Nagant
    - M79 .
    - MGL
    - M1 Garand
    - Mauser C96

    Added mod. versions:
    - MAC-10
    - FN Five-Seven.
    - Glock .
    - MP5K
    - Benelli M3
    - TAR-21.
    - Scorpion .
    - Ithaca 37.
    - Mosin Rifle
    - M1 Garand
    - MGL


    - Prices for modifications in the vending machine
    - Text corrections

    - Weapon table design more pleasant