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Outdated Dye Mod 2.1 (Enraged Koala)

Change the color of almost anything! (Previously Dyeing Bucket)

  1. v1.2 - Magic hat

    • Made it possible to dye the Wizard Hat. (Thanks, Sir Orange)
    • Fixed Hazmat Suit, Power (Space Marine) Armor, Combat Medic Armor, Spacesuit, Soldier's Armor and Explorer's Armor becoming the wrong color when dyed.
    • Actually tested most of the 400 dyeable items and simply made the bucket refuse to dye those that don't work (they will need some extra work).
    • The bucket will never die because it was never alive in the first place.
    Feel free to update if any of these changes interest you.

    Your input is valuable. If there's something you would like to see in the mod, leave a message.
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