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Dungeons Everywhere! 3/26/17

Now you can find major dungeons in every layer of a planet!

  1. Shadow Wolf TJC
    What started as a proof-of-concept mod turned into a full-blown project, where the goal was to get major dungeons, like Human Prisons and Apex Research Labs to name a few, to spawn in pretty much any layer imaginable, from the edge of space to deep into the planet's core!

    Note that, due to spawning limitations within the game's engine, the diversity of dungeons was limited, so that, say, dungeons wouldn't generate in a way that they'd clip off of the top or bottom parts of the world. Thus, Avian Towers were kept from spawning in space, and naturally-subterranean dungeons like Floran Prisons and Glitch Sewers were prevented from spawning deep underground.

    The mod pack contains the following mods:

    1. Dungeons Everywhere Floating Dungeons:

    The meat of this mod pack's experience, it adds dungeons to the space and atmosphere layers of every planet. It also adds dungeons to the surfaces of Ocean, Arctic, Magma, and Toxic planets.

    2. Dungeons Everywhere Subterranean Dungeons:

    Same here, only the dungeons have been added as far underground as the planet's core!

    3. Missing Biome Placeables Fixer, Missing Planetary Layer Fixer, Missing Layer Stat Fixer:

    While these "compatability-bridging utility mods" might become obsolete in a future date, depending on whether or not Chucklefish decides to include their features in a future patch, as of now, they're needed in order for the Dungeons Everywhere mods to function, since they provide the critical infrastructure that the Dungeons Everywhere mods need in order to work properly. The reason why they weren't built into the Dungeons Everywhere mods themselves was so that the Dungeons Everywhere mods could become more compatable with other mods, especially those that likewise depend on these "utility mods" (such as the Legacy Pack).

    4. Dungeons Everywhere Floating Dungeons Legacy Addon, Dungeons Everywhere Subterranean Dungeons Legacy Addon:

    These mods are addons for the Legacy Dungeons mod, to allow dungeons from that mod to spawn above ground and underground respectively. Since they depend on resources from the Legacy Dungeons mod in order to work, it's strongly recommended that the Legacy Dungeons mod is installed alongside these addons! Otherwise, keep them uninstalled!

    Normally, these abandoned mines would spawn on the surface of Garden planets, but not this!
    Here's another abandoned mine. This one reaches down into the core of the planet!
    Here's a bunker located in the sky. The cloud blocks were added into the atmosphere biome so that these dungeons could have some material to spawn with.
    Here's a Floran Hunting Ground that spawned in space!
    This Avian Tomb spawned on the surface of an Ocean planet.
    It managed to extend as far down as the ocean floor!

    Known mod incompatabilities:
    - Frackin' Universe: Although Frackin' Universe already does much of the work that the utility mods that were bundled alongside the mod pack do (such as adding layer data arrays where none previously existed, including dungeon lists), sadly, it doesn't seem to be complete enough to make me believe that the Dungeons Everywhere mods will be able to work alongside Frackin' Universe.

    Disclaimer: This mod may be freely used in mod compilations, or its assets altered or redistributed, provided that those doing so notify me, and credit me.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Over Gaming
    Over Gaming
    Version: 3/26/17
    Just Coool... Mod
  2. greenRAM
    Version: 2/19/17
    This and the Legacy Pack are both mods that I really enjoy playing with.
  3. MountainC
    Version: 4/25/16
    I always wanted more dungeons
    I could seldom find a dungeon on planets
  4. MrIce
    Version: 4/25/16