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Outdated Dungeoneer Dungeons 0.7.6 - Enraged Pak File.

Adds new custom dungeons and micro-dungeons to the game.

  1. General dungeons update.

    It's been a week or so since i've last update the mod and the thing is that i'm fighting gastritis so i find hard to make dungeons while my stomach hurts like it was shot with a 7.62 bullet.

    - Added more variety to avian floating islands dungeon
    - Added 3 new apex houses to microdungeons
    - Added 3 new avian houses to microdungeons
    - Added 3 new human microdungeons
    - Lakes and the glitch jousting and the glitch farm are now dungeons because they don't spawn as microdungeons.

    Also, i have...
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  2. Bugfixes and more Bugfixes.

    - Fixed the fact the big dungeons weren't spawning. (I'm dumb, sorry, now they spawn correctly. Thank you @Trook for the heads up.
    - Fixed farms not spawning crops

    Please download this version since it actually spawns the big dungeons.

    That's it, enjoy.
  3. 2 new dungeons and bugfixes.

    - Added Avian Pyramid. Full of bonebirds and sweet loot.
    - Added Apex Space Elevator. The hardest dungeon i created. It's really, really tall.
    - Fixed more stuff with previous releases.

    The apex elevator is supposed to go to space, but it doesn't most of the time because "reasons". There is some dumb height restriction and it keeps spawning shorter than it should., it took me a really long time to at least make it spawn. 0 Never the less it's really tall and it's the hardest dungeon...
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  4. Microdungeons and some other Bugfixes.

    - Added 3 Lakes, one water, one acid and one lava lake. Suggestion by @Shadow Wolf TJC
    - Added a miniboss cage (with a miniboss inside).
    - Fixed some things with the water tower.

    I haven't played Starbound in 5 days, i'm only making dungeons, even if they are not that big.

    Now that they announced that the wipe will come in weeks, not days i'm not sure what to do, i just can't touch the game. I have to...
  5. Glitch Jousting Tournament and Bugfixes.

    - Fixed more Stuff with the Human Scout outpost
    - Added Glitch jousting tournament. Suggestion of @Reeddick

    That's all. Have a great 2014, guys.
  6. Avian Floating Village and more Bugfixes!

    - Added Avian Floating Village.
    - Fixed a bug with one of the backgrounds of the Human scout outpost.

    Ah, the village sometimes ends even if it isn't supposed to. Keep a look out for villages that appear too small, they are quite big. Also, NPCs are stupid and keep falling, ignore that.

    That's all, folks. Happy new year.
  7. New Glitch farm and Bugfixes. v0.2


    -Added new Glitch Farm to micro dungeons. Bigger than the Apex and Avian ones.
    -Fixed some item placement on the other dungeons.