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DSL Spaceship 3.0

Remake of Pohany's spaceship

  1. 3.0

    The texture and animation of the ship pet has been completely redesigned.
  2. 2.2

    Fixed missing display of ship furniture in crafting stations.
  3. 2.1

    Fixed incorrect lit texture of the 1st and 2nd ship tiers.
  4. 2.0

    Captain's Chair icon has been fixed; the texture of Teleporter has been replaced with a darker one. New ship furniture designed for the central sector has been added.
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  5. 1.3

    Fixed minor incorrectness of the ship’s central sector texture, object lighting color; changed the texture of the wall of the tail section of the ship, the texture of the ship at the Protectorate landing area.
  6. 1.2

    Fixed pet texture: a jackal melanist.
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  7. 1.1

    Fixed two incorrect frames of the pet texture; 4 new pet colorings were added.