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Outdated Drumsticks 2.2.1

Bless my beak, we've got longer foot-talons! And talons for your hands, too!

  1. HoaxRumors
    UPDATE PART DEUX: Now containing no less than FOUR iterations!
    1. Drumsticks!
    2. Drumsticks and Tailfeathers!
    3. Drumsticks and vanilla style wing-hands!
    4. Drumsticks, Tailfeathers, and wing-hands!
    If you'd rather get the mod from another site, try the Nexus Mods page here!
    Code Red Update!: With the release of Starbound 1.0, this mod is temporarily outdated. However, zombie21943/Kyo21943 has uploaded a 1.0-compatible version of Drumsticks and Tailfeathers to the Steam Workshop!
    Get it here!


    Being as artistically gifted as a rock tumbling through a puddle of wet paint, I naturally nitpicked the hell out of the fact that the Avian race have feathers on their hands (as evidenced by the sprite color.) They aren't analogous to wings; Avians see wings as a separate body part. (The whole deal with ritual plucking and loss of flight and all that I'm still not entirely able to wrap my head around.)

    All that said, I've seen some nifty fan art wherein Avian hands and a portion of their forearms were, rather than feathered/colored like the rest of their bodies, covered in skin and scales akin to how their feet are. So, I summoned the full extent of my vast history in the art of pixel-coloring (IE the grand total of an hour I spent in Mario Paint before playing with the music maker) and gave them the skin-and-scale hands that I felt they deserved.

    After that, I thought it would be a good idea to extend the podotheca for the legs, which wasn't hard to do within tolerances for silhouettes, but giving them a "scaled" appearance was a bit of a challenge.

    (I'd have an easier time of it if we could sort out how to get the game to draw higher resolution sprites at comparable scale, but that's just me nitpicking.)

    TL;DR: Bird hands with feathers made no sense to me (lawl sensemake in space birds and plant people and fish with boobs) so now they've got skin/scales on their hands like their feet, which now have longer legs! They even change color to match! (What little color change there is.) And now you can have your drumsticks AND eat them too tailfeathers!


    Unzip "Drumsticks and Tailfeathers.zip" and pick your version of choice: With or without Tailfeathers, and with or without taloned hands. Then, just drop it in your "giraffe_storage\mods" folder!
    (Note: Having multiple versions in there will needlessly drag out your load order, and I have no idea which one it'd wind up picking.)

    Uninstallation from there is as simple as deleting the respective .modpak file.

    And if you're enjoying the version with Ryuujin's Avian Tail Feathers, go endorse it! Send some love his way!

    Incompatibilities: Anything that modifies the malebody.png, femalebody.png, frontarm.png and/or backarm.png files for the Avian race will conflict with this. You'll have to pick and choose. Legs are tied to the body sprite, so unless you feel like making some edits yourself, you'll have to take one or the other.

    The base sprite sheets I edited belong to Chucklefish. The podotheca are my handiwork, and the Tail Feathers and merged version were done by Ryuujin. Please don't upload somewhere else and claim it as your own. You'll find this mod on Starbound Nexus and the Official Chucklefish Forums' mod database.

    If you want to implement podotheca like these on your own custom sprites for your personal use, edit away! (It's probably far easier to edit this mod's textures than trying to snip the legs off and fit them on another set.)

    Other permissions:
    If you want to add Drumsticks to a mod compilation, go for it! Attribution would be greatly appreciated, though. (Also, feel free to ping me with a link, I'm always curious to see where my works are going.)

    Version history:
    0.1.0: Whoops, I deleted some things and overwrote the wrong others.
    1.0: So that's fixed!
    1.2: And now thanks to suggestions from Terkup, approximately 40% less glove-like!
    2.0: Forearm podotheca slimmed, slim leg podotheca added!
    2.1: Updated for Angry Koala and fixed a missed sprite! (Thanks to SiliconSlyWolf for the catch!)
    2.1.2: Now available in a merged form with Ryuujin's Avian Tail Feathers!
    2.1.01: Whoops, left the background on the body files.
    2.1.02: I should probably name the file by its new name, shouldn't I?
    2.1.03: Furious Koala!
    2.2: Now in handy .modpak format!
    2.2.1: Maybe I should throw in a version of each without the hands for those who'd rather have wingy-fingers too.

    Planned (dates not set, 'cause I've got a hundred irons in the fire):
    - MODULAR Avians in the world! I wanna be able to have feathery and talon-y and tailfeather-y and none of the above all at once. Why not? Should be relatively easy with the inheritance functions, but we'll see.
    - Extended player race options! (To go hand in hand with the modular NPCs!)
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. Kyo21943
    Version: 2.2.1
    .modpacks are not compatible with Starbound 1.0 (and you neither Ryuujin haven't logged in, in a long time :c )
    I've taken the liberty of making this mod compatible with Steam and Starbound 1.0
    Of course, all credit goes to you and Ryuujin!
    If you want me to, i will take down the mod.
    1. HoaxRumors
      Author's Response
      Absolutely no problem whatsoever, Zombie, thanks for making the mod compatible! I only just got Starbound updated last night, and hadn't yet gotten a chance to even consider how one would go about updating the mod to 1.0 before I found your upload. Glad to see there's still a lot of love to go around for proper podotheca! For completion's sake, though, I'll probably update the version here and on NexusMods in the next few days for those who don't want to use the Workshop. (I know it can be more than a little finicky.)
  2. MortalityRate0
    Version: 2.2.1
    I didn't even know I needed this before I saw it. Excellent job!
  3. SmaugTheDragon
    Version: 2.2.1
    Should be in vanilla
  4. cvbn2000
    Version: 2.2.1
    Awesome, can't play the game without this!
  5. Khuur
    Version: 2.2.1
    It looks very nice with the tailfeathers inclusion. Feather hands never made sense.
  6. Petalwatch
    Version: 2.2.1
    I refused to play an avian until I used this mod. The hand feathers drove me nuts! Many thanks for the great mod!
  7. Seraphi
    Version: 2.2.1
    It was essential (to me) in 2014, and it is essential (to me) in 2015. I can't play Starbound without it.
  8. Ayamabuki
    Version: 2.2.1
    They look more like birds now! Well done. Love the legs and tail but keeping my feathered hands. xD
  9. Starcat5
    Version: 2.2.1
    The cult of Kluex must fall! The Grounded uprising has begun!

    (Also, the flapping Valentine's Day wings accent the tailfeathers quite nicely, as they match the face & belly color. Maybe someday, someone will make a mod adding versions of those wings that match the default body colors?)
    1. HoaxRumors
      Author's Response
  10. Lindazana
    Version: 2.1.03
    I just came to the sad realization that as of now, the mod is in need of updating, my poor avian's hands oddly covered in feathers, and unable to get a solid grip on anything held! Sefinitly something that needs to be in vanilla.
    1. HoaxRumors
      Author's Response
      Guess they finally pushed the ".mod files only" update with the recent version, then. All right, I'll have something up within a day, two at most. I actually haven't gotten a chance to update any of the mods I run with or play Upbeat Giraffe because I'm working on a Megaman-esque platforming action puzzle game about a plucky little maintenance robot whose only form of defense is a SCIENCE! powered grappling hook hand and the grappling hook mechanic is being an owlbear.

      (It fights a giant junk-grinder robot named Mister Happy by making him punch himself in the face on one of the levels. I'm rather proud of that idea for reasons I can't quite fathom.)

      Incidentally, suppose this means I'll have to throw together an update for Glitchfix too.

      Thanks for the heads up!