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Drozolians V 2.10 (Pleased Giraffe)

1950's Atomic Age Crystal People!

  1. Surprise! I'm still working on this mod!


    This is a small update

    • The framework for two new armor tiers
    • Various bug fixes
    • Framework for a Brand New car tech for the Drozolians.
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  2. Atom Bomb Baby!


    Updated the mod for Pleased Giraffe!

    All ship furniture has now been officially finished!


    - I fixed the lamp so now you can actually shut it off.
    - The fridge's image has been fixed when you change its direction.

    I set the pet to be Orbis until we get an actual...
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  3. Time to get jazzy.


    Heads up, this is a somewhat big update.

    Now that I was able to sit down for a long enough time to get some serious work done on this mod, I proudly present you this update.


    - Finished customization! WOOOO!
    • Implemented the ability to change Crystal...
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  4. Homewrecker


    Update time!

    - Tier 3 armor set complete! Da Comrade!
    - Framework for a new gun in place
    -5 new furniture items
    - Plus a Jukebox that plays music.

    I am planning the next update to (hopefully) deal with the remaining customization issues, and starter outfits. Once this is out of the way, I can work on the rest...
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  5. Ships!!!!

    - Ship tiers 1-3 have been implemented.

    Using borrowed technology from the days of old, we have discovered a way to reinvent a ship of our own....isn't that wonderful?

    -More assorted bugfixes

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  6. Is it getting cold in here?



    -Tier 1 is finally finished *Sorta*

    Finally you can become the Hard-liner of your dreams.
    There is a hidden Easter egg on this mod to commemorate the first tier going up....don't worry, you can easily find it.

    -Framework for other items implemented.

    -Random tweaks and bug-fixes.
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  7. Derp

    I had forgotten to fix something....don't worry though, it's nothing TOO serious.
  8. For the records...


    This is a small update, nothing too dramatic...

    - fixed a visual issue with the leisure pants, causing the pants to alternate colors in a few frames.

    - Fixed the Springer rifle (again)

    - Implemented the Atomic Record Player.
  9. Compatibility fix

    Fixed a compatibility issue with the Black Market.
  10. Fixes

    Micro Update!
    -Removed Atomic TV for multiple reasons.
    -Implemented framework for new weapon.
    -Fixed some issues with the weapons
    -Improved sounds of the weapons
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