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Door Locks 1.0

A feature-complete, easy-to-use door lock console.

  1. Sectrix
    Phoenix Semiconductor 98SB125 Door Lock Console

    Introducing the Phoenix Semiconductor 98SB125 Door Lock Console! The console provides a simple and feature-packed way to control access to any door. Simply follow the instructions below, and you'll be locking things with reckless abandon in no time!

    Step 1: Obtaining the console
    The console is available at the Wiring Station, or alternatively, using the admin command to spawn the item: PSdoorLock.

    Step 2: Initial Setup
    Once you have the console, place it anywhere you like (preferably near a door). Wire the console using the diagram below:
    Pass will be active when authorization is successful, and Fail will be active when authorization fails. Next, interact with the console. You'll be presented with the screen below:
    Here, you will set the admin password. This password will be used for accessing all the console settings. It can't be blank, and can't be changed once entered, so don't forget it!

    Step 3: Door Settings
    Once the admin password is entered, you will be taken to the screen below:
    This is the door settings screen. It allows you to change the behavior of the console. Settings can be confirmed by pressing enter while in the corresponding text box, or by clicking the appropriate 'Set' button.

    Door Passcode: The passcode to turn on the Pass output. Can be set to any text. Can also be set to nothing, which will disable the passcode; meaning the door can't be unlocked via a passcode.

    Unlock Time: The number of seconds the Pass output will be on after a successful authorization. Can only be set to positive whole numbers or 0. A setting of 0 means the Pass output will never turn on; be careful!

    Lock Time: The number of seconds the Fail output will be on after an unsuccessful authorization. Can only be set to positive whole numbers or 0. A setting of 0 means the Fail output will never turn on.

    Attempt Lockout: The number of unsuccessful attempts that can be made before the Lockout Time is used instead of the regular Lock Time. Can only be set to positive whole numbers or 0. A setting of 0 means the Attempt Lockout mechanism will not be used.

    Lockout Time: The number of seconds the Fail output will be on after the set number of failed attempts has been reached. Can only be set to positive whole numbers or 0. A setting of 0 means the Fail output does not turn on when the attempt limit is reached. The number of failed attempts is reset to 0 after the lockout time is complete.

    Scan Range: The distance in tiles that the keycard scanner can reach.

    Status Text: Displays 'Ready...' in the image above. Will display any error text if you make a mistake while changing settings. This text will be on every screen.

    Step 4: Keycard Settings
    Clicking the 'Keycard' tab at the top of the screen will present you with this:
    Keycards allow you to authorize with the console without needing to interact with the console and provide a text passcode. If authorized, the keycard will turn on the Pass output when the player is within the Scan Range set in the door settings. The keycard must be in either of your hands in order to work. It won't work if the keycard is just in your inventory or your hotbar. It must be selected.

    Authorized Cards list: A list of currently authorized cards. This list will initially be empty. Scroll down the list by right-clicking on the scroll bar, and scroll up by left-clicking.

    Revoke Keycard: Remove the selected keycard from the list of authorized cards.

    Authorize Keycard: This will produce a new window, shown below.
    The list will show any unauthorized keycards within scan range. Again, the keycard must be in the player's hand in order to be detected. The user's name can be changed in the text box below the list. This won't change the name on the card, or on any other door lock console, but this particular console will use this name. Duplicate names on a console are not allowed. Once the desired user is selected, click the 'Authorize Card' button, and this keycard will be authorized for this console. 'Close' the window when finished.

    Make New Keycard: This is used to generate new keycards. Enter the user's name in the textbox. This will be printed on the card (shown in the keycard description), and will be how the user is identified on this console. The color of the keycard can be chosen by scrolling through the list. Current available colors are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, black, and gray. Once finished, click 'New Keycard' and the console will spawn the card.

    That's it for setup! The console is now configured and ready to use.

    Step 5: Usage
    To enter a door or admin passcode, interact with the console:
    If the admin passcode is entered here, the console will show the settings screen. If the door passcode is entered, the window will close, and the console will behave according to the settings.

    To use a keycard, simply have it in hand and get within scan range of the console.

    When a keycard is used, or a door passcode is entered, no other inputs (either keycard or door passcode) will be accepted until either the lock or unlock timer expires.

    Breaking the console will cause all data to be lost.

    That's all there is to it. Now go lock some stuff!

    Special thanks
    PenguinToast for his awesome (but outdated) GUI library, penguinGUI; without which, I probably wouldn't have even bothered with modding Starbound. The homepage for penguinGUI is here: http://penguintoast.github.io/PenguinGUI/

    mastercookie for his/her help with object animation, which I totally borked.

    bk3k for his/her help with object animation, and also for several random forum posts made long ago which helped out more than I can say

    Kawa for his/her unconditional help provided in IRC

    Dyamon on Reddit, for writing the post that inspired me to try modding again

    ~~ And viewers like you ~~

    Any feature requests? I've tried to add everything I could think of, but if you have an idea shoot me a PM.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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