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Door Locks 2 1.0.0

An easy-to-use, feature complete object to control door access.

  1. Sectrix
    (This is just copied from the Reddit post)

    Presenting Door Locks II!

    This is a mod that allows you to control access to your doors. One or two of you may remember the original Door Locks mod that died some years ago after an update. This is basically the same, but with a lot more features.


    - Password access

    - Keycard access: Must be held in player's hand.

    - Biometric access: The lock identifies players uniquely. Works for NPCs too.

    - Event logs: Records who, where, and when a user accesses a lock, or a bunch of other things.

    - Network: You can set which users can access which locks.

    There's a ton of stuff going on here, so I'll give a brief user guide.


    Door Locks is an object you can build at a wiring station, or spawn in with: PSDoorLock2. There are two wiring outputs.


    PASS will turn on when unlocked, FAIL will turn on when the wrong password is entered. When you first place the lock, it is unowned. This is indicated by the animation not running. The first player to interact with the lock becomes the owner. They are presented with the screen below.


    Here, you can set the admin password. This password grants access to the admin screens. It can be blank if you want, and can also be changed later. Once you enter an admin password, you are taken to the admin screen. After the admin password is set, anyone who interacts with the lock is shown the login screen.


    Entering the admin password takes you to the admin screen; entering the door password closes the screen and opens the door.

    The five tabs at the top switch between the admin pages: Users, Keycards, Biometric, Logs, and Settings. First the user tab.



    The list on the left shows all the users registered for your network. Keycard users will have a keycard icon, while biometric users will have a player portrait. Your network consists of all the locks you own on a planet. Locks on other planets will not show here; they are on a separate network. When you select a user in the user list, the Authorized Door list will show all the locks in your network, and which locks that user is authorized to use.


    Tseehn is authorized only for Door 1, and thus can only open that door. By checking the boxes on the other doors and pressing "Apply", Tseehn can be authorized for those too. Selecting a user and clicking "Remove", will obviously remove that user (after a confirmation).


    Keycard access allows registered users to unlock the lock by holding a keycard in their hand. The user must have the keycard in hand; just in the inventory or hot bar won't work.


    On the left, you can print a new keycard. Just enter a name (which will appear in the keycard's inventory description), select a card color, and click "Print Card" to spawn the card. The list on the right contains all nearby keycards that are not registered in your user list. Again, the player must have the card in hand, and be within the scan radius to be detected. Click "Refresh" to re-scan for cards, or select a card and click "Add User" to add the card to your user list.


    Biometric access allows registered users to unlock the lock without keycards or a password.


    This list will contain all nearby players and NPCs that are not currently registered. Click "Refresh" to re-scan for nearby players and NPCs. Select a player or NPC and click "Add User" to add this user to your list. During development, I found that just-spawned NPCs don't show up for the first 10 to 15 minutes or so. If the NPC doesn't show up right away, wait around the area for a bit. If they never show up, then they don't have a unique ID and Door Locks can't track them anyway.


    Door Locks can track many events that happen to your lock system.


    The list on the left shows the most recent logged events. The check boxes on the right let you choose which events you want to be recorded. The number of most recent events to be recorded are set by log count. When an event is recorded after this amount, the oldest log will be deleted. Clicking "Clear" will clear the logs (after a confirmation). The current time is not real-world time, but server up-time. If the server goes down, time will no longer pass. The format is: days : hours : minutes : seconds. Also, when a lock is removed any log entries that pertain to that lock will remain, but the lock name will be red to indicate it no longer exists.



    The last tab contains settings for the way the lock should behave.


    - Admin Password: Password for the administration screen.

    - Door Name: The name of this lock in the network.

    - Door Password: The text password to unlock the lock. If it is blank, text passwords are disabled.

    - Unlock time: How many seconds the PASS wire output should turn on for, when the door is unlocked.

    - Lock Time: How many seconds the FAIL wire output should turn on for, when the text password is wrong.

    - Attempt Lockout: How many failed password attempts it takes to trigger lockout.

    - Lockout Time: How many seconds the FAIL output should be on for when lockout is triggered.

    - Scan Range: How far the lock should scan for users (in tiles).

    - Open For Monsters: Enables the door to open for monsters. Might be fun for traps and stuff.

    And that's it!

    For those who left comments all these years asking for Door Locks to be fixed: sorry it took so long. Also, thanks. It pushed me to finish it. This is a total rewrite from the original mod. The code is organized much better, and I feel it's cleaner overall. Feature creep sucks, but when it's your own project it feels that much more complete.

    I also learned things!

    1. I hate Lua.

    2. Starbounds API is ... weird with some things. (Looking at you, list widgets)

    3. I hate Lua.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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