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Dominon Races - Star Trek 1.8.2

Adds four different races of the Dominion from Star Trek: Deep Space 9!

  1. Elx
    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    The Dominion
    This mod currently adds the Vorta, Jem'hadar, Changelings, Karemma and relevant items / objects from the antagonistic Dominion of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


    This mod requires a race extender such as Kawa's Character Creator
    with at least 4 slots open!


    Current Features:
    • The Vorta
      • Vented earlobes!
      • Over 120 customized hair sprites!
      • Custom Tech-equip Screen!
      • Random Name Generator!
    • The Changelings
      • Clothes are part of their body!
      • 1 custom hair sprite (Odo's and the Female Changeling's)
      • Deeper eyes!
      • Custom Tech-equip Screen!
      • Invisible "armor" for hiding real armor/clothes
    • The Jem'hadar
      • 5 completely custom spiked "hairstyles"!
      • A wearable ketracel-white tube (can be found in Jem'hadar ship-locker)
      • Two-part name generator!
      • Custom Tech-equip Screen!
      • Jem'hadar cosmetic armor! (uses Pathfinder Set graphics for now)
    • The Karemma
      • Giant foreheads!
      • 4 completely new hair styles to fit said giant foreheads!
    • Tiered Kar'takin
      • 6 Tiers of Kar'takin (a Jem'Hadar polearm/spear)
      • Higher-tiers use the previous tier in their recipe (you "upgrade" the original with new materials)
      • Craftable by all members of the Dominion
      • Tiers 4-6 deal poison damage instead of physical (represents the anti-coagulant Jem'hadar use)
      • 1 secret Kar'takin!
    • Tiered Polaron Weapons
      • 6 Tiers of Polaron Rifle and Polaron Pistol
      • Custom plasma-type projectile!
      • Higher-tiers use the previous tier in their recipe (you "upgrade" the original with new materials)
      • Somewhat re-balanced to be a feasible early- to end-game weapon as you upgrade them.
      • Craftable by all Dominion races.
    • Other
      • Dark purple S.A.I.L. for all Dominion races!
      • Tiered "implant" armor shared between all Dominion races!
      • Dominion Bookmark Flag (animated!)
      • Wearable Virtual Display Device (with and without Ketracel-White tube)
      • Every once in a while, Odo will make an appearance at the Outpost!
      • Custom dark purple teleport and mech-deploy animations for all Dominion races!
    Currently all the races use the Human ship, and probably will continue to do so for the foreseeable future due to lore reasons (a Jem'hadar cruiser parked in the Protectorate wouldn't make much sense)
    • Planned Features
      • More Karemma hairstyles
    If you notice any bugs or would like to suggest something feel free to let me know!

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.