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[Discontinued] Vault's Old Styled Smelting Mod 1.07.4

Smelting Crafting Changes

  1. Shakar
    Old Fashioned Smelting Returns! Smelting takes time, doesn't it?

    -Smelting History of Starbound-
    Smelting used to be object-container based, like the Refinery, back when the game first came into Early Access on Steam. How it worked back then was you placed at least two ore in, and out popped a bar for every two ore consumed. Basically, it worked exactly like the Minecraft furnace without the fuel cost.

    Sometime during the Giraffe updates, the furnace was changed to be a 'Crafting Table' allowing you to make all the bars you want at once, given you have the resources.

    Now in the release state, it appears to be a combination of the two. You use the crafting table interface, but have to wait for all the bars you want to make to be made, which brings us to why this mod was made.

    I personally didn't like the crafting table change to the Furnace, and thought the original method was perfectly fine (Despite the grievances of potential theft if left unattended). The change to a crafting table, to me, made the furnaces feel over powered. Now comes along the current vanilla one, and while I see it as a step in the right direction, you have to wait for the bars to smelt. You can't go craft anything else without canceling the rest of the bar queues. This really irked me so I decided to 'downgrade' the smelters in terms of versions while making it a bit different. So while I was at it, I figured I may as well make it so that you can earn your resources better, make them feel more rewarded. Early game will be harder as a result, but will pay off once you start reaching tier 3 furnaces.

    The goal is to bring back the original style of getting your bars, in terms of smelting. While it will be working with the vanilla recipes as well, there are changes to make it worth while.

    -Three tiers of Furnaces (Like vanilla)
    -Tier 1 Furnaces need 5 ores to make 1 Bar (And the respective variants of any other item able to be made at that stage from the original furnace) ( 5:1 )
    -Tier 2 Furnaces need 3 instead to make 1 ( 3:1 )
    -Tier 3 Furnaces produce at a 1:1 ratio. (1:1)
    -Some recipes on the furnace made no sense and have been moved otherwise to tables that made sense. Paper from a furnace? Come on...
    -Early Game is harder as tier 1 furnace needs more resources.
    -Late Game furnaces pay off

    Some things to take note of...

    -This mod changes the furnaces from a crafting table (Current) to the original style. Meaning, they will be working how the refinery works where it is a toggle-able crafting container of sorts
    -Some of the recipes that were on the furnaces have been moved to other areas. Paper, for example, can be made by hand with this mod.
    -The Batteries, Silicon Board, and Copper Wire have been moved to the Wiring Table. Due to this, the silicon board and copper wire are now available at the Infinity Express in the Outpost
    -Syringes were moved to the medical table
    -Anything else that made sense with the furnace remains as a timed toggle-craft such as glass and fired clay
    -The mod furnaces don't use the current upgrade system. I would like to add that to my furnaces, but currently can not get it to work. You will have to upgrade them the old fashion way by picking them up and crafting the upgrade version at the Inventor's Table (All ranks)
    -While the vanilla furnace will still be usable in it's glory and such, you will not be able to craft it with this mod. You can still find it in generated places, and if you find one that's all you to do what ever with it. However, this mod will not allow one to craft them anymore as long as it is installed.

    In the mean time, enjoy the nostalgia of the original style smelting.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.


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