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Outdated Discontinued (Craftable Bricks) 1.8 (Enraged Koala)

Tell me if you want me to update it again.

  1. Time to welcome 7 new blocks and a bunch of bugs to the family!

    *Ferozium, Violium, and Impervium bricks & blocks (warning: Impervium blocks are RIDICULOUSLY strong. Even cheat equipment takes a while to mine it. Place at your own risk.)
    *hard glass (Made from a whole block of sandstone, this stuff can block almost a minute of XSmech machine-gun-fire.*)

    *Every single backup file! (they end with ~)

    known bugs:
    *smooth stone places sewer pipes! (I'm just gonna call it a feature for now. I can't seem to find where it's screwing things up :/ )
    *the ore blocks don't have the right colored particles (It'll be fixed eventually, I promise.)

    *: only tested with the original mod's Elite Sigma mech-resistance to other weapons not guaranteed.
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