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Outdated Discontinued (Craftable Bricks) 1.8 (Enraged Koala)

Tell me if you want me to update it again.

  1. Pixelguru26
    I've ended work on this mod. If you want me to continue updating, please notify me in the discussion. Have a nice day :)
    With the Craftable Bricks mod I aim to add as many convenient crafting recipes as I can relating to bricks and easy (yet realistic) resource-gathering. Currently, it adds in 80+ new recipes, 18 new blocks, and 4 new crafting stations.

    *note: this is my first mod and I don't really know anything about coding, so... don't expect any particularly amazing additions :/ (especially things involving lua... lua isn't exactly one of my strongest areas of expertise.)

    Planned Additions:
    *More custom blocks-please leave any ideas in the discussion, 'cuz I need them. (they will all be very seriously considered and probably added ; )
    *More ways to keep things renewable
    *More recipes
    *Custom crafting station interfaces
    *Brick-themed decor (No, it won't just be 'Big Brick' posters. There will be some actual content.)

    The crafting stations:
    *If you think any of the recipes are a bit over-the-top, please tell me in the discussion.
    The Compression Station:
    (made with: 10 titanium, 5 glass, 5 steel bars, and one circuit board at a robotic crafting table)

    Compression station.gif
    For compressing stuff! (i.e.:snow into ice)

    The Extractor:
    (made with: 5 glass, 10 steel bars at a robotic crafting table)
    extraction table.gif
    For extracting things! (i.e.:smooth ice from ice)

    The Grinder:
    (made with: 35 planks, 35 smooth stone at a normal crafting table)

    Grinding Station.gif
    For grinding things INTO DUST. (i.e.:stone into sand)

    The Combininator:
    (made with: 5 titanium, 4 glass, 4 circuit boards at a robotic crafting table)
    For combining things that nothing else can! (i.e.:coal and dirt into tar)

    The blocks:
    *There are custom blocks (around 18 of them), but I'm not writing this all down yet. This should be here soon.

    The current recipe list:

    furnace recipes:
    1: clay = soft bricks
    2: tar = tomb bricks
    3: rusty metal = iron bar
    4: smooth metal = steel bar
    5: light metal = platinum bar
    6: brittle metal (of any type) = iron bar
    7: shielded tech = steel bar
    8: junk = iron, I think.
    9: junk tech = copper
    10: girdir = steel
    11: mud/mud bricks = cooked mud bricks
    crafting table:
    1: cobblestone = smooth stone
    2: cobblestone = rock bricks
    3: smooth stone = stone tiles
    4: sandstone = temple bricks (all types)
    5: tomb bricks = tomb bricks (all other types)
    6: smooth stone = castle bricks (both types)
    7: sand = fine sand
    8: plant fibres x 4 = woven grass
    9: plant fibres x 4 = vine tangle
    10: iron ingot x 1 = 1 iron bolted plate OR 1 iron zigzag plate
    11: smooth stone x 5 = 1 vortexial stone
    12: 1 tomb brick = 1 tomb brick platform
    13: mud = mud brick
    1: sand x 2 = sandstone
    2: pixels = sand
    3: snow x 5 = ice
    4: snowball x 5 = snow
    5: 1 bar of any higher-than-durasteel bar = 1 block of the same material
    6: 1 high-tier metal block = 1 metal brick block of the same kind
    1: dirturchin x 2 = dirt.
    2: inferior brain = dirt.
    3: ice x 5 = smooth ice
    1: crystal x 2 = sand
    2: crystal plant x 2 = sand.
    3: gravel = 2 sand
    4: stone = sand
    1: cobblestone + gravel + clay = concrete
    2: ice + crystal = ice crystal
    3: smooth ice + crystal = ice crystal x 2
    4: snowball + sugar = snowballs

    Specific compatible mods:
    (mods I have specifically designed recipes for, or have found to pair well with CB )
    *Frackin' Flora - All of the junk/brittle metal/rusty metal can be found in certain biomes from Frackin' Flora.
    *Crystalworks - Avian bricks are a necessary resource for this mod. In fact, I originally designed it to make Crystalworks easier.
    *The Transmutation Chest mod - Smelting shielded tech gives you steel, but with this mod, one steel ingot is equal to many, many shielded tech blocks, so you have infinite everything.

    I send a special thank-you to the creators of:

    The Creative Mode mod. I can't tell you how useful it was to have your recipes as a reference. :)

    The Crystalworks mod. Looking through the mod files helped me sort out a lot of issues that would have caused endless errors.

    The Reduced Pixel loss mod by Archer. Seeing just how simple a mod could go helped me realize that, while I might not be able to create something huge, I could still do something.

    *final note: This mod is very much WIP, any and all input welcomed.

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

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