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Outdated Dirtmod

For all that useless Dirt

  1. Whitlinger Doodle Do
    It's been a while since I modded anything like this, it was minecraft, and some of you (the unfortunate ones), might recall Dirtmod.

    So I decided to recreate the travesty which I made in Minecraft in Starbound.


    Enough of the story.

    What does it do?
    Well, it adds five in game thingies(because objects are furniture and items are other things).

    It adds a recipe for the smelter which creates dirt bars out of five dirt.

    These dirt bars can then be refined into Super dirt bars (out of ten of the dirt bars).

    At last, you can create the famed Omeggle dirt bars (out of ten of the super dirt bars).

    These Dirt bars can then be used to craft the mighty Dirten crafting table, which allows you to make the following items:

    • You can then craft a Dirt pickaxe, which is by far the fastest swinging pickaxe in the game (though it does not mine faster), also the weakest. You can't even craft another dirt pickaxe with the dirt you can mine with one.

    • It gets better though, after you've made ten Superdirtbars, then you can craft your super-dirt pickaxe, with an inexpertly drawn red S on it. I wonder if there was a reference there? Anyway, it mines faster than the dirt-pickaxe, and has a ten times greater durability. Meaning, that sadly, you cannot craft a new one with the one you have.


    • Then you can actually get something useful: The Omeggle dirt pickaxe, which mines a four block radius at a much improved rate with one hundred times the durability of the normal dirt-pickaxe.


    The description was the most fun part.

    Anyway, what should I add to this mod? Also, do you have any experience spriting?
    Because I would much prefer using some decent sprites, than the awful modifications to existing sprites which I have made.

    There's a whole world out there, and most of it will be dirt.

    Will you use the dirt, or throw it away?

    You'll probably choose the latter regardless of whether or not you have this mod, so, enjoy.