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Dimentrex Race Mod 0.3 Resurrection

A people driven off their homeworld by an inter-dimensional horror that spread across the world.

  1. Attempting to fix the download again.

    let's hope this works this time.
  2. Attempting to fix the download

    I'm attempting to fix the download of the file so, let's hope this works.
  3. Dimentrex Resurrection

    The Dimentrex mod has been resurrected. It is now ready for the public with a full new ship in all 8 tiers, and a starter mech.

    There are now 2 new clothing options, and 3 new secondary exo options with plans to add more.
  4. Version 0.2 update

    This update adds in the new Starter Sword as well as modifying the Dimentrex head and body sprites slightly. The ship has also been changed to have a Junk Tech background instead of Rust Blocks, the other blocks are still the same.

    This update also includes the new Respawn Cinematic.

    It was discovered that the villager spawner for some reason doesn't show up in tier 2, I'll be looking into this and have it fixed for the next update hopfully.