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Delusive Dimensions v0.1

Exploring the folds of the multiverse, one dimension at a time...

  1. Tots not dead I swear

    Just a quick little fix!

    +/- Miscellaneous changes throughout the mod.
    +/- Changed purplestim to ddpurplestim to avoid conflict with other mods.
  2. Minor improvements!

    Yo! It's been a while I've done anything with this mod, so I thought it would be a good moment to make some slight improvements!

    Today's patch contains the following:

    +/- Almost entirely changed the dungeon format from PNG to Tiled, making it easier to build dungeons and change items. Filesize should stay relatively the same.

    +/- Improved the Hallway dungeons due to the format change:
    • The outskirts of the dungeons now have 0-Gravity, making exploring out of the hallways...
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  3. Very small updates!

    A couple of small things have been added since the last update.

    + Added a security system to allow future dungeons to be protected, while keeping the unprotected state for the rest of the non-challenge rooms.

    + Added a small amount of incomplete sample challenge rooms, to test size and mechanics.

    - Removed requirement with [Airless Dungeons]. [Airless Dungeons] is no longer required to run Delusive Dimensions, but it will continue to support if both mods are downloaded.

    That's all for...
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  4. Quick patch!

    Sadly, no real content yet! Been fairly busy and distracted by other things, but the dungeons are slowly but surely shaping up.

    This new patch gets rid of a small issue that is caused by running the mod on the newest Starbound update.

    Have a good one!