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Outdated Defense Turret 2.0

Automatic defense turret, shoots monsters

  1. New and improved defense turret

    Changes are listed in the mod description
  2. Motion prediction + target letgo cooldown


    • Added motion prediction. Now hits birds no problem. Can be improved in the future by using the actual target velocity (rather than position - lastposition / dt)
    • Added a cooldown before letting go of the target when it goes out of range. If the target disappears from sight it will take half a second before the turret goes back into scanning mode. If the target reappears in that time it will still be locked on to.
  3. A polished turret

    • Now drops laser diode and circuit board when broken, to easier craft a new one
    • Recipe is learned from picking up a laser diode or circuit board, no need for including player.config
    • Bullet switched back to the slower one (but now a custom bullet file) due to problems with angle. This + target offset makes it much harder to hit birds. To fix this I need a way to find the collision center of targets.
    • Energy is now permanently stored
    • Minimum target range added...
  4. Vast improvement and bugfix

    Many changes

    • Sounds added!
    • Positioning bug fix
    • Wire support added, turn it on and off via wire. When it's turned off it uses no energy.
    • Faster fire speed
    • Faster bullets
    • Now also targets hostile NPCs
    • Code cleanup
    • Energy bar changed to have 4 steps instead of scaling
    • Targets in an 80 degree angle rather than everything in front of it, stops it from shooting straight up at birds.
    • Crafting requirements reduced a bit
  5. Fix for dirt blocks

    It also made dirt blocks worth 100 fuel. Fixed.