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Deco Tool [uncontinued] 4.0b

formerly "Staff of Regrowth" - Decorate the blocks all around your buildings...

  1. softer request sound

    just a little setting change
  2. Added confirmation request for delete

    what the title says
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  3. Major changes

    Handling has changed a lot since 3.0. Have a look at the description.
  4. Updated for 1.0

    And changed the functionality a little
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  5. Fine tuning...

    As the title says, a few refinements:
    • feedback sounds are now more clear
    • the base tool needs now some more fitting (in my opinion) parts for crafting, it's also more expensive to build and moved over to the iron crafting table
    • the FU tool is still available at the nano fabricator, but since it is just a little reprogramming of the core, you only trade the basic tool in for the FU tool
    Have fun
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  6. Sounds like a melody...

    ...or at least it gives acoustic feedback now.

    I think i'll call it a night.
  7. Limited Edition

    Okay... not really... but the range is limited to a 20 block radius now ;)

    Have fun
  8. nothing new...

    just a script cleanup
  9. Overhauling...

    please read the overview page, since a LOT has changed here ;)
  10. Glad Giraffe

    Because of a change in the API this mod won't work with Glad Giraffe. As soon as I can find a solution, I'll update this