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Outdated Deckard's Gun 2.2 [Enraged Koala]

Now you too can use the famous Blade Runner's pistol.

  1. Updated for Enraged Koala

    Mr. Foxer
    Updated for Enraged Koala
    -Added alternate gun sprite, full credit to Karmos
    If you want to use either of the alternate sprites, just delete the ones in the deckardgun folder and replace them with the sprite of your choosing, make sure to rename them to deckardgun.png and deckardgunicon.png as well.

    This gun is meant more for fun than anything, feel free to change its damage and other values by going into the .gun files if you wish to.
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  2. Updated for Furious Koala

    Mr. Foxer
    Changed gun sprite, alternate sprite is included.
    Changed stats of gun.
    Changed hand position
    Now crafted at a metalwork station
  3. 2.0 Added upgraded versions of gun

    Mr. Foxer
    This update adds 2 more versions of Deckard's gun that have higher damage stats and slightly faster firing speeds to make them more useful on later sectors. The first upgrade (100 dmg) can be purchased from a crafting table after reaching Gamma sector, and the second (200 dmg) can be purchased after reaching Delta sector.
    Also lowered the price of the original gun to 200 pixels.

    As a side note, I haven't actually reached either of these sectors yet so I don't know how the damage holds up...