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Damien's furniture and crap(under renovation!) 0.2

99% flags,1% furniture,crap...working on that...

  1. Damiano de' Caretti
    Gindew's home wares *24th March 2014 Anno Domini +14th February 2016 Anno Domini

    *The description is under renovations,you might see incomplete info and relative to a still unpublished update*

    Now that an official Damien merchant is being worked on,the Tabularasa modification(revived by Mackinz)will remain as an alternative free crafting station. Ideas and technical support will always be appreciated.

    eLò theor!
    I am Damiano but you can just call me DAAAAMIEEEEEN and I'd like to thank you for choosing this junk!
    I'm currently working on an update adding few more items.
    One upcoming feature will be a fancy outdoors Damien merchant,giving you access to almost evry object within the modification(I will not sell "DIVISIONS BY ZERO",okay?You'll just do that through bare hand crafting)

    As of now,in the unreleased 0.3,this modification contains
    a total of 103 objects,being...
    36 pole-hanged rectangular flags
    22 house hold objects(9 of them being the cactus,fire and white flowers in cans)
    17 other ornaments
    14 background decals
    10 junk objects
    4 invisibles in need of fixing


    So,With your bare hands you can
    -Make bluescreened variants of the apex lab pcs and outpost pcs,
    Requirements : 1 Cool computer/Outpost pc
    -Make several flags
    Flags have variable requirements,and there's one feature I'm looking forward to add : making recipes learnable only once you obtain the respective flags from the tabularasa,myselves or administrative powers(type /admin to obtain admin powers,type then /spawnitem itemname number,if no number is inserted you'll get automatically 1 unit,type /admin to get your admin powers off)
    -Summon a Damien
    Requirements: none,only enough room for a person
    You can call how many you wish with no charge at all!There's things in life you cannot buy,for all the rest there's...wait,what happened to my adblocker?
    Anyway,Damien-s will sell you almost evry object from the mod,with the exceptions of objects with technical difficulties and divisions by zero)
    Sadly I will have to figure out somehow how to make a decent interface,with category icons and a search bar.

    Now I perhaps should make a list of evry item within the mod...?
    Yeah,I'll be working on it.

    -Updates list (NOTE: the update hasn't been released yet!)

    -Damien merchant reporting
    -Added butter cactus(was that on already?No clue,but it's surely there)
    -Added the unused vanilla sound effect to ALL flags(vertical banners and pennants not included)
    -Fixed Metal Slug rebels,Venturian League,Trove,Koridai and Mushroom Kingdom flags being invisible
    -Combined cacti,fire flowers and white flowers with "canned food" and "hot hot hot pot" cans in order to make some canned flora
    -Edited the flagpoles of the following flags : San Esperito,E.R.L.,D.R.M.,Medici,Free Medici,Tropico
    -Edited the descriptions of Medici's and San Esperito's flags(added missing sentence in the first and fixed error in the second)
    -San Esperitan(governamental and guerilla) banners and pennants available!
    -Ornamental flamingo operative,hopefully the Porcina and Llamarck fridges work as well

    -A more solid look was given to the Arskickers' pennant
    -Wall-hanged spaghetti bowl pretending to be floating fixed,will not lie on horizontal surfaces the way it's supposed to
    -Added toilet fountain(using the vanilla small fountain sound effect),bluescreened computers,other open and oepn signs,lime in the coconut,division by zero,dark oaken door(Minecraft),stone chiseled blazonry(inspired by the Italian town hall signs),small reproduction of the "L is real-ethernal star" statue(Muper Sario 64),the enclosed instructions book(Hotel Mario),Panauan oil barrel(Just Cause 2,explodes when hit/shot),Wololo-man statue(Age of Empires),random hanged carpet(from an old Kinder surprise) and Mario head as tornado siren(mario teaches typing,cannot be turned off nor wired)
    -Added flags of : Terrene Protectorate(Starbound,i know someone else made one!I noticed only few days ago),Infinity Express(Starbound,commercial),Tropico(Tropico,original),Trade Co.(Interstellaria,commercial),United Human Colonies(Interstellaria),Blue Green and Tan(3do Army Men),Coalition(Unturned),

    -Brought back from an ancient crappy mod of mine the "Perfectly Italian item"...yeah,don't ask...

    Can you guess where each item comes from?Well,if not you can look into the names of the assets,the object files and their tooltips.This is still W.I.P. therefore there are no race descriptions,and some objects aren't even working.

    All of the flags oughta be craftable,the other objects are crafted through the Tabula Rasa(check link above ;3).

    Reporting issues : You CAN indeed contact me or type it into the mod's discussion,but I do,suggest you to ask assistance to any other modder with more experience,time,patience and D E T E R M I N A T I O N ... for I'm just an amateur whom took months to make stuff from other games,and besides I'll be often doing homework.

    Want a showcase?How about this?Here : www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
    Coming soon :
    Making the Mario head siren switchable on/off and wireable
    Fixing the invisibility of Octan's commercial flag
    Fixing the invisibility of the placeableharp
    Make a merchant interface with icons,search bar and custom aesthetics
    Making all items craftable through tabula rasa for free

    Metal Slug-New World Order rebels flag : [​IMG] DONE

    Venturian League flag : [​IMG] DONE
    Trove-The Ol' Gold on Green : [​IMG] DONE

    The Sims-Llamarck refrigerator : [​IMG] DONE
    The Sims-Porcina P1g-5 model refrigerator : [​IMG] DONE
    Ornamental flamingo : [​IMG] DONE
    Panem flag : [​IMG]-suspended
    Fnv Legion's standard : [​IMG]-suspended
    Fnv Ncr flag : [​IMG]-suspended
    Fnv Followers of the Apocalypse flag : [​IMG]-suspended
    F3 BoS flag : [​IMG]-suspended
    F3 Enclave flag : [​IMG]-suspended
    Fable3 Albion national flag : [​IMG]-suspended
    Fable3 Albion royal standard :[​IMG]-suspended
    Fable3 Sakers' flag : [​IMG]-suspended
    and other stuff...

    You might also enjoy :
    -Hylotl stuff by Pohany
    -Castlevania furniture by mastercookie
    -Decorative mechs(revamped) by LouisDench
    -New lamps by Neoshinryu
    -TSDM signs by hythl0day
    -Item/Weapon frames by Wellbott
    -Lettermod by Krakozyabra
    -Rainbow Light by UnknownX
    -ItA - Enter the Dragon temple by Elfginther
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    -Colony Deed - Simplified by Noranum
    -Power Generators by SanAndreasP
    -Assorted crafting things by Campaigner
    -Pack and Print by EVILnudeMONKEY
    -Concert equipment by Imblazed247
    -BBSF by TheBigBlueSerpent
    -Pixel goods store(mod overview) by boogy,updated by mastercookie. (download here)
    -More tiles and Greebles by Storm_UK
    -Green screen block by DrPvtSkittles
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Minor update

Recent Reviews

  1. Kaiser2001
    Version: 0.2
    This is amazing, a must-have for everyone that's into building in Starbound. One thing; why are certain flags suspended?
  2. TylorBane
    Version: 0.2
    Cheekiest rick role ever XD. Keep up the good work though, it looks great.
    1. Damiano de' Caretti
      Author's Response
      Yay!Someone reacted to eet!
  3. 2nd Lieutenant Raoni
    2nd Lieutenant Raoni
    Version: 0.2
    awesome mod dude XD keep it up ^^ been looking for a mod like this for a while :D thx for making this. man youre good with sprites. loved that just cause stuff XD
    1. Damiano de' Caretti
      Author's Response
      *spits cereals* AN ACTUAL REVIEW?BOI,Thank you so much!I'm glad you appreciate this modification.I sadly am not working too much on it right now because I'm preparing a trailer for a gameplay of an other beautiful game that inspired Starbound...but please do,type your ideas!On games I can start building villas but I never complete them because I lack ideas(On Starbound tho' I prefer modifying generated structures...) P.S.: PLEASE WATCH THE SHOWCASE xp