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Credits 1.6

Changes Pixels to Credits

  1. Zenny - by Madgapper

    Madgapper made new currency: Zenny.
    Zenny.png Zenny_game.png
  2. Post-Launch update 1.5

    Updated to Launch version. Icon in Inventory window will change now also.

    New version: Energy Credits from Stellaris. Need to call them E-Credits, Full name was just too long to be readable.
    energy_credits.png energy_credits_merchant.png

    I was trying to add voxels changes but my game crash even when I change only pictures.
  3. 1.4 - OmniBits(Wildstar)

    New version:

    Wildstar - Based on Wildstar game, changing Pixels to OmniBits
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  4. 1.3 - Major update

    2 new currencies:
    Dust - from Endless Space and Endless Legend.
    Galaksi - made up by me.

    New ui icons for Star Wars, Mass Effect and Coins versions.
    New look for drop for this versions.
    Proper version icon for selling and buying things at merchants.

    Screenshots: go to description
    I wish to change Pixels to something else for ex. at Pixel Compressor and Refinery but it would be incompatible with other mods.
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  5. 1.2.1 Minor update

    I was not completly happy how the Star Wars Credits icon looked so this is small update for it:

    Admit it! It is better then before! :D
  6. 1.2 Update

    Finally managed to change Pixels icon on UI in right top corner.
    New version:
    Mass Effect

    Star Wars:
    Mass Effect:
  7. 1.1 - New Names

    This update adds 2 new versions:

    Money and Coins.
    Money - if you prefer standard name for currency
    Coins - if you feel like it, also adds coin like icon to dropping pixels

    Use only one version at a time