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Outdated Crafting Fixes Compilation 1.11

Various crafting fixes and additions. Made with v. Offended Koala

  1. Sieve
    Consolidation of all the crafting fixes I've been making, as time goes on I'll add/remove as needed.

    As of now, currently contains:
    - Special matter helmets
    Handy Space Helmet and Neat Welder's Helmet are now craftable​
    - Alternate crafting tables
    Added recipes/items/icons for Stone, Ice, and Sandstone crafting stations
    The recipes are added to the 'C'rafting menu when you pick up their respective materials
    This should help out a lot for those that start out on non-forested planets, and I don't think it's possible for planets to generate without cobblestone, ice, AND sandstone
    Adds a bit of variety with furniture

    Mirror for anyone who needs it:

    Installation Instructions:
    Simply unzip the contents in your /Starbound/mods folder and you're done

    Feel free to post any suggestions for things to add/bugs in the crafting, but remember that the purpose of this mod is bugfixing and Quality of Life issues
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