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Outdated Craftable Tents Snug Kitsune

Craftable tents in two tiers! Small and Large

  1. kitsunespirit
    Craftable Tents by Space Tent Co. are here!!

    Have you ever beamed down to the surface of a planet and found yourself in the pouring rain? At night? With dangerous spacebears waiting to eat you?

    And then found that all you have is a bed. Yes... a bed. No roof over your head, perhaps not even a cave to sleep in! The indignity of it all! ..and just because you're a space hobo explorer too!

    Well, now you don't have to pretend you're a Floran out for her evening soak. Now you can rest easily at night with handy-dandy Space Tents!

    Starter tents are small, and annoying to Glitches. They have just enough room to keep you dry and let you sleep, but not much else. No different than the random triangle tents found sometimes on planets. They are fairly cheap to make too, just some fabric and some unsstabbed wood.

    Large tents are available once you find your way into the Beta Sector... They are slightly less annoying to Glitches. Much larger, you can sleep in them and have your evening meal while you wait out the storm! A little more expensive than the smaller tents, requiring more fabric and now copper bars ((large tents also heal you a little faster)).

    So why wait to find one on some remote planet, make your own and thumb your nose at the capriciousness of space-nature!!

    Comes in a variety of colours as well*!

    Disclaimer: Space Tent Co. cannot be held liable for spacebear attacks if you pitch your new tent in an area with lots of aggressive animals.
    *Note: Space Tents are only availabe in space-camoflauge at this time, if you would like other colours/patterns please send a distress beacon to Space Tent Co., Sector B, Perseii Omicron-8, Area 301-A; and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


    This mod is set up to for use with the new folder system brought to you by v. Offended Koala. It should work for you...

    Contains a player.config. If you are using other mods that add stuff to this file, just copy the last line of tier 1 and tier 2 into your file.

    Not available on the Nexus just yet, but it will be... soon. Very soon. *shifty-look*

    Now with a mod icon!
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  1. Now 50% warmer than sleeping in the rain!

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