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Outdated Craftable & Rebalanced Throwing Weapons 1.0

Modifies many throwing weapons to adapt it into an actual playstyle.

  1. Degenerate Pixel
    Craftable & Rebalanced Throwing Weapons
    Hello and thank you for checking out Craftable & Rebalanced Throwing Weapons! This mod aims to expand and increase potential gameplay at all tiers by making throwable weapons both craftable, and rebalancing them so they are not quite as strong early, and still relative late. Because of the way this mod is balanced, each throwing weapon is applied to its own respective tier. Regrettably, this means that there isn't much variety in throwing weapons within a specific tier, however they are easily accessible.

    What does the mod add and change?
    First and foremost the mod adds a Throwing Weapons Station, which allows you to produce throwing weapons. This station is unlocked by default, and can be crafted at the crafting table. From this station is where you can craft all of your throwable weapons.


    The recipes added by this mod are as follows:

    Throwing Weapons Station (Crafted at a Crafting Table): 10 Iron Bars, 100 Pixels
    Throwing Weapons (x10): 5 Pixels * Tier, 1 Bar of the respective Tier.

    The throwing weapons changed by this mod are as follows:
    Tier 1: Javelin
    Tier 2: Throwing Dart
    Tier 3: Throwing Spear
    Tier 4: Throwing Kunai
    Tier 5: Throwing Axe
    Tier 6: Throwing Star
    Tier 7: Throwing Needle
    Tier 8: Throwing Dagger
    Tier 9: Shuriken
    Tier 10: Throwing Knife

    Additional Comments:
    A very common issue with mods is that some of the recipes don't show up, and if that happens, the fix is simply to use the associated tier item once more and it will add the recipe to your blueprints. That aside, if there are any other bugs, please let me know. Actually, if you have any comments or feedback at all, either positive or negative, I'd really like to hear! Your feedback greatly helps to improve mods as well as increase morale for creating future mods.

    Planned Features:
    This mod, while complete, is still only version 1. In future, there are things that I would like to add or expand on. Such planned features will be listed here:

    - Modify explosives to also be tiered and balanced as "strong" throwing weapons for each tier. They will still not be craftable, but they will be much more exciting when found.

    - Re-add the craftable throwing weapons to the loot tables, however tier them so that you can only find the appropriate throwing weapons on the appropriate level planets.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. EchoesOfRain
    Version: 1.0
    I've been needing this mod for a while now! The work station needs some work on it to remove bugs, but the balancing feels good. Well, the Tier 10 does at least, havent tried the others. The lategame damage with tier 10 feels strong, like it should, as long as it is difficult to craft.