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Corrot 1.4

An abomination of science.

  1. Gene Extraction Changes

    - Changed gene extraction recipe from outputting Assimilation to the new Gene currency.
  2. Content update

    - Added Corrotine (made with 2 Iron Bars, and 3 Corrots at the Apothecary).
    - Added CorroTea (made with 1 Corrot, gives Healing).
    - Added CorroTomato Juice (made with 1 Corrot, and 1 Tomato, gives 30% Bonus Health).
    - Increased Corrot price to 120, Corrot Seed to 480, and Corrot Soup to 300.
  3. Extraction Additions

    - The Corrot Seed and Corrot can now be extracted at Extraction Devices and Xeno Research Labs.
  4. Carrots and Corn

    - Added chance for Carrots and Corn to be harvested.