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Concert Equipment - Roadcase Crafting Table - 30 Colored Lights/Truss to hang them on 2.8

Concert Equipment - Roadcase Crafting Table - 30 Colored Lights/Truss to hang them on

  1. Patch Fix

    Patch Fix
  2. Link Fix ROUND 2!

  3. Added Roadcase Chests + Marshal Heads and Speakers

    Changed Roadcase crafting table to look different from the chests
    Added Roadcase chests + Marshal heads and speakers
  4. Link Update

    Link Update
  5. Changed Recipe Acquisition

    Pick up a pixel and BAM you get the recipe
  6. Moving + Colored Lights/Roadcase Crafting Table/Truss

    I added a crafting table cause the amount of items was getting to fill too many spaces in other menus and i dded all colors to the following lights
  7. Colored Lights and A Moving Light*BETA* + Truss to hang them on

    added a moving light and fixed a few minor things

    In total this pack now contains:

    10 Colored Par Cans
    10 Colored Lekos
    10 Colored 3 bulb Blinders
    1 Automated Spotlight
    1 Horizontal Truss that you can hang lights from and NO RUST!
    1 Vertical Truss NO RUST!!

  8. http://www58.zippyshare.com/v/24614766/file.html

    Being a Rigger and Lighting Director in real life i loved the idea of building your own venue.
    Its a shame there no better equipment...till now!!

    I'm starting a line of concert equipment this 1st installation is Truss its still in its beta form tho cause i am trying to get lights to attach to it

    This is a re-skinned truss no more rust.. YAY!! and bonus this is now a platform!!

    As always Questions comments suggestions even criticisms are all welcome

    installation of the mods easy just...