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Compact Crops 1.4 (CG)

More crops on less land.

  1. Cheerful Giraffe Update

    - Updated the mod for the full release of Starbound
    - Added compact patches for Cocoa and Cotton
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  2. Pleased Giraffe Edition

    Since my last update, Kiwis and Currentcorn were fixed and Mushrooms, though still not able to be farmed by the player without a slight modification to their treasurepool, became spawnable (whereas they weren't before). I have added the necessary patch to mushroomseed.object in the mod.

    Please note that the improper patching of "spaces" of much older versions of Compact Crops now causes crops to not grow. Luckily, I fixed that issue before it happened with this mod! :D
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  3. Spirited Giraffe and Nightly Update

    I was alerted to a compatibility issue (by @laz2727) with CompactCrops and the current Starbound Nightly and its recent fix of several smaller crops like Potatoes, Feathercrown and Eggshoot. Since an update was needed, I decided to fix the patch files for each crop up with proper JSON.

    - Altered JSON of each patch file to make more sense to anyone looking
    - Added Nightly version of Compact Crops to main download ZIP file alongside Spirited Giraffe version
    - Changed version number...
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  4. Spirited Giraffe

    I just changed the modinfo file. I'm pretty sure nothing really needed changing from the last version, but I could be wrong - let me know if your crops aren't compact and I'll fix it. Sorry, busy weekend.
  5. Minor Fix - Beakseed

    Small issue I noticed today.

    - Beakseed image offset removed
    - Changed Modinfo file

    If you find any further issues, please let me know.