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Compact Crops 1.4 (CG)

More crops on less land.

  1. Spirited Giraffe and Nightly Update

    I was alerted to a compatibility issue (by @laz2727) with CompactCrops and the current Starbound Nightly and its recent fix of several smaller crops like Potatoes, Feathercrown and Eggshoot. Since an update was needed, I decided to fix the patch files for each crop up with proper JSON.

    - Altered JSON of each patch file to make more sense to anyone looking
    - Added Nightly version of Compact Crops to main download ZIP file alongside Spirited Giraffe version
    - Changed version number (very important!)
    - Threw in a Readme file because why not

    As of now, however, the Nightly hasn't fixed Currentcorn and Kiwis are still a tad bigger than they should be (Kiwis take up exactly 1 block in their sprite, but require two vertical blocks), so those two small crops are still affected by CompactCrops until further notice.
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