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Outdated Compact Crops v1.03

Grow more on less.

  1. rrgg
    This is my first modding attempt. Given the limited amount of space inherent in a 2D universe I wanted to change all of the larger crops to have a smaller footprint, making them less of a chore to plant/harvest.

    Should be really useful if your farms get too big, if you have a hunger mod installed, if you want to grow more food on your ship, if you just want your wheat field to actually look like a wheat field. etc. It also makes planting crops much easier since you don't have to worry about accidentally leaving a gap where nothing fits.


    I haven't done a ton of extended testing yet, so let me know if you have any problems.

    One known issue is that crops may appear a couple pixels to the right of where they actually are. That's sort of weird, why is that?

    This mod overwrites the "orientations" section of all 2-block, in-game crops. If you want instructions on how to fix crops from other mods check the discussion page.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Desert_Rose
    Version: v1.03
    I adore this mod but there is one problem. i have been working the last few days in trying to find a culprit mod that broke half the seeds "all the seeds that originally had the 2 block sizes" until i discovered it was sadly this mod. i can use thos mod but than i can only really plant. 4 things. or i can delete this mod and get all the seeds. basically all the large seeds instantly were turned into perfectly generic items and spawning more just yielded the generic items as well. the seeds stopped existing in my world completely and i had to remove this mod and spawn in the seeds. hopefully an update will fix it soon?
  2. Maddtodd
    Version: v1.03
    Excellent! Greatly increased the amount of space I have to farm, and more than doubled my output for my space allotted.
  3. Mr Mishmish
    Mr Mishmish
    Version: v1.03
    Thank you so much for this mod. Now I can grow more!
  4. Broconut
    Version: v1.03
    Does exactly what it says. If you want your crops to be more compact in order to save space, this mod will do that. I tested each individual seed to see if they all worked and noticed that sugarcane, oculemon, neonmelon and crystalplant are not compact. Other than that, this mod works as intended and is incredibly useful for people who like to farm. I can also confirm that it works with Garden Bot.
  5. Joneithevius
    Version: v1.03
    I'm hoping you'll update this to Enraged and beyond. This is very useful!
  6. Bejamin
    Version: v1.03
    Epic, exactly what I needed for my ship! 5/5! Thanks! I love it! The only crop that it doesn't work on that I've found is the Crystal Plant, which I don't grow much of anyway. Boneboos and Chilis all the way, makin' Hot Bones. :D
  7. Dzony_B
    Version: v1.03
    Any news about the update?
  8. WolfBane
    Version: v1.03
    With the rate wheat seeds can be gathered, this helps keep everything in check, and it gives double the room you had before. The best part? It works with every seed, not just wheat seeds.

    Should have been in the game from the get-go. This mod is a must-have for farming/burger enthusiasts!
  9. Creedless
    Version: v1.03
    Plain simple and a great addition to the game, esoecially for those farmers like me out there and works perfectly hand in hand with persistent farmables.

    Thx for this great little mod!
  10. Ricku
    Version: v1.03
    Thank you, very useful!