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Combinable Augments 2.1.2

1 augment to rule them all!

  1. 2.1.2

    Version 2.1.2
    • Added tooltips to the extraction buttons to reduce confusion.
    • Items can now be transferred from one container to an other even when the first one is empty.
    • Containers are no longer consumed when merging 2 of them.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the use of the right click to get an item out of the output item slot.
    • Made it so that all user items in the UI are returned when a crash happens no matter what.
    • When the UI detects an error it now...
  2. Collar Holder Support Added

    Added support for the FU collar holder
  3. Version 2.1

    Version 2.1
    • Removed stack limits on collars
    • Fixed an issue where item slots would still attempt to consume items when maximum item stacks of items were involved.
    • Replaced the "merge augments" button with an item slot which allows for the previewing of a combination.
    • Updated the interface to make it more in line with other vanilla interfaces
    • Added a global configuration file for the mod `/combinableaugments.config`
    • Added a configurable...
  4. Hotfix 2.0.7

    Added back the title to the combiner window
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  5. Hotfix 2.0.6

    Fixed a duplication bug
    Converted the combiner from a container to a proper object
    Added compatibility for the bot pods of Fracking Universe
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  6. Extraction update

    - Combine epp augments together
    - Combine epps together to merge epps or upgrate to a new level of epp (the output epp type corresponds to the epp on the right)
    - Combine epps with augments to give them more augments
    - NEW Combine collar augments together
    - NEW Combine filled capture pod with collars to give them more collars
    - NEW Extract augments or collars out of epps, filled capture pods, combined augments or combined collars
    - NEW Extract specific augments or...
  7. Bug Fixes and new way to combine epps and augments

    - fixed the fracking universe mobility and vanilla mobility augment causing the name of the vanilla augment to go away
    - you can now merge epps together and merge epps with augments so that you don't have to build up 1 master op augment but progress while using them.
    - finally fixed the fracking universe Kinetic Field IV showing as Kinetic Field V or any other effect that went to level 5 and up.
    - finally fixed the error causing the fracking universe kinetic field to have no effect if merged...
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  8. Mod Compatibility Fixes

    - fixed the frackin universe re-breather augment destroying augments.
    - fixed some mod compatibility issues with some other mods
    - the effects names are now sorted alphabetically
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  9. Getting the looks

    - These changes only applies on augments merged after v1.1, you can remerge your augments once to fix it
    - Fixed the augment tooltip not beeing long enough
    - Fixed the text of the augment content becomming really too long and spaced
    - Added rarity:
    - 0 - 4 effects = Common
    - 5 - 8 effects = Uncommon
    - 9 - 12 effects = Rare
    - 13 + effects = Legendary
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