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Outdated Combat Overhaul 2.7 - Inactive

Overhaul combat to make it less cheating and more realistic.

  1. Niran
    NOTE: Main changes currently only affect: All race specific craftable weapons.
    WARNING: This Mod needs to be installed on the server, your game and everyone else's game who is playing with you on a/the/your server. Don't report bugs that don't exist if you don't know how to properly setup, install and use a mod with/on a server. Reporting non existant bugs in the "Review" section and the coresponding downvote for it will get reported.

    Currently compatible with: "Enraged Koala"

    The Problem:

    The Combat System in Starbound is basically fine but theres one little thing that makes it feel like you are cheating godlike. Did you ever notice you can swing your greatsword and then a second after your swing is done (sword in swing-end sprite), just walk into an enemy...even backwards and still hit it? Why is that? It is because the game handles every attack in projectiles, even sword swings, these projectiles have a given play speed which is often currently 0.3, all these projectiles (swoosh) effects have 3 sprites (3 animation states) and each of them takes 0.3 seconds to complete, that means you can basically hit enemys 0.9 seconds after the actual swing is done, that feels like cheating.


    Also on top of that all weapons feel very weak and unrealisticly stronger than other type of weapons, greatswords as example are often dismissed because why taking a greatsword if its a weak piece of metal and even a hammer is better?

    Swings are now nearly instantenious (not completely since you want to see the swoosh effect but still way faster than before) not allowing you to swing and then run into enemies anymore, instead you now have to time your swings since most time of your swing is now an empty non-attack state and leaves you open for enemies to get through your attacks. It's a really simple change, really! but it can have a huge impact on combat and how you have to work with your weapons.

    This should affect all normal weapon categories:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    and even special weapons like:


    Detailed info on weapon types:
    All weapons in this mod will get slightly slower with every tier they increase, also every race has its own bonuses for weapons some or stonger, some are weaker, some faster and some arn't.

    You can find a DPS table on which all my changes are based on here:
    Google Docs DPS Table
    Installation Manual:

    • Download the Rar package
    • Remove any previous version
    • Unpack it with any supported unpacking application into:

    • Start the game as usual
    • Replace all your storage containers for them to be refreshed
    Server Installation Manual:

    • Download the Rar package
    • Remove any previous version
    • Unpack it with any supported unpacking application into your server's mods folder:


    • Start the server as usual (needs restart if you add mods)
    • Make sure your local game client and that of everyone else also has the absolute same mod version installed correctly into their game's mod folder (see above).
    Check out my other Mods:
    - Energy drain (see here)

    Update 2.7
    • Used , instead of . for the power value of apextier5broadsword.
    • Starter broadswords are now nerfed aswell

    Update 2.6
    • Floran crafted weapons were massively nerfed in damage per swing (~45%).
    • Glitch crafted weapons were massively nerfed in damage per swing (~50%).
    • Human crafted weapons were massively nerfed in damage per swing (~50%).
    • Hylotl crafted weapons were massively nerfed in damage per swing (~50%).
    • Floran weapon damage multiplicator was increased. (~8%)

    Update 2.5
    • Apex crafted weapons were massively nerfed in damage per swing (~50%).
    • Avian crafted weapons were massively nerfed in damage per swing (~50%).
    • Broadswords now have Hammer damage per swing values.
    • Hammers now have Broadsword damage per swing + a small bonus to make them even.

    Update 2.4
    • Error caused by a missing ; in apextier7broadsword.
    Update 2.3
    • Fixed accidentally included avali changes causing crashes.

    Update 2.2

    • Compatibility with Enraged Koala.

    Update 2.1
    - Fixed for Furious Koala.

    Update 2.0
    - Finished Hylotl with race diversity and rebalance changes.
    - Fixed some not saved values.

    Update 1.11
    - Finished Glitch with race diversity and rebalance changes.

    Update 1.10
    - Finished Floran and Human with race diversity and rebalance changes.
    - Added Glitch and Hylotl with human values until next patch.
    - Fixed a huge load of wrong values everywhere especially for axes.

    Update 1.9
    - Finished Apex and Avian with race diversity and rebalance changes.

    Update 1.8
    - Overhauled Avian values with their own race values.
    - Added Floran weapons.
    - Added copy of Avian values to Floran, Human and Apex.

    Update 1.7
    - Added all changes to Human craftable weapons.
    - Added all changes to a selected few random 'common' weapons.

    Update 1.6
    - Added all changes to Apex craftable weapons.
    - Fixed swingspeed offsets in all weapons.

    Update 1.5
    - Rebalanced all Avian Tier 6-10 weapons based on previous changes.

    Update 1.4
    - Fixed for "Angry Koala"

    Update 1.3
    - Rebalanced all Avian Tier 1-5 weapons
    - Buffed greatswords
    - Buffed daggers
    - Nerfed hammers
    - Buffed spears
    - Nerfed axes
    - Buffed shortswords

    Update 1.2
    - Fixed a crashbug

    Update 1.1
    - Added experimental changes to greatswords, made them slower.

    Update 1.0
    - Created the mod.
    - Changed all default swoosh effects to play in 0.075*3=0.225 seconds, drastically reducing phantom hits
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Setsy
    Version: 2.7 - Inactive
    A must-have!
    Makes the combat way more challenging and the animation more realistic, even!
  2. Alex Great
    Alex Great
    Version: 2.7 - Inactive
    Good job.
  3. AlwaysNothing
    Version: 2.7 - Inactive
    Awesome mod, should be in vanilla!
  4. SKyStriker101
    Version: 2.7 - Inactive
    I am planning to use this mod I a modpack I'd like to call "UniverseBound". May I use your mod? You have an excellent mod though.
    1. Niran
      Author's Response
      Not sure if it would be a good idea right now to use it, i don't even know if it's still compatible to the latest version.
  5. AngryBogle
    Version: 2.7 - Enraged Koala
    Finally, the monsters are an actual challenge. Great mod!
  6. Xelot
    Version: 2.7 - Enraged Koala
    Definitely better this way than the original.
  7. greenRAM
    Version: 2.4 - Enraged Koala
    Makes combat a bit more of a struggle to time correctly, which is perfect for someone like me who likes to be challenged. Hopefully, there will be some more tricky AI to compliment this mod soon.
  8. kanmax92
    Version: 2.1 - Furious Koala
    Tightens combat adding more elements of strategy to both weapon choices and timing. Its really great! I personally love gunplay more, but this mod makes melee more strategic and tactical. A definite must have.
  9. NordKitten
    Version: 2.1 - Furious Koala
    Alright, its official, i have now used and can;t live with out every one of your mods, good job :)
  10. Zerotharius
    Version: 2.0 - Angry Koala
    Really makes combat feel more tight and refined. An absolute must-have.