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Outdated Combat Overhaul: 2fixed4you Edition 1.44444

wow. such fixes. many balance. great mod. whoa. #BringBackTheMcRib

  1. Desideratus
    What The Hell Does This Mod Fix?
    Hold onto your rectums kids, the modding is gettin' real~
    • The bizarre melee swing hitbox (Which is handled like a projectile by the engine, hail santa) lasts for almost a second, making actually hitting enemies trivial. Fixed by just changin the animation time; This makes more precise swing timing needed, and melee combat more skill-based.
    • Guns basically never drop in the base game, so I removed some 0's from the front of their drop rate; They should drop in almost equal amounts as melee, though you get more guns from armed NPCs and more melee from chests.
    • Rebalanced gun DPS; They all do ~25% less DPS than melee to compensate for range advantage.
    • Rebalanced gun energy use; Now guns have a far better Damage:Energy ratio, meaning some sustained fire is possible and in small fights you can even use techs while firing. Energy still runs out in big fights, or battles against a miniboss.
    • Added more projectiles to random gun generation, with Rare and Legendary weapons always having a nonstandard projectile type. Big thanks go to Wurmheart for use of some projectiles, make sure to check out his mod Ammo Overhaul (MMN) and drop reviews!
    How The Hell Do I Install It?
    It's like all the other mods, yo

    Open the zipped file and drop the contained CombatRebalance folder into your "Starbound/mods" folder, simple as that!

    What The Hell Is Left To Do?
    Cuz you know it ain't over yet~
    • Messing with special properties for melee weapons, to make them better and more versatile.
    • Adding screenshots, .gifs, and banners to this page for maximum #SWAG
    • Rejiggering rockets to always blow up dirt and sand, because more explosion = more better. FACT.
    • Probably some balance changes cause my dumb ass broke something, hail stan.
    How The Hell Can I Help?
    That's right, is it 2real4you yet?

    If you spot any errors or balance issues, drop me a line here on the discussion page! I check multiple times a day (Except Thursday and Saturday nights EST), and generally try to address any outstanding issues. Honestly, I didn't do much personal testing and I'm sure that with as large as this rebalance is, I screwed up something, somewhere.

    You can also feel free to submit interesting screenshots and .gif, I may toss 'em up here on the page~~~


    This mod is totally open-source, with anyone able to use and modify assets as they see fit, with the exception that nobody who has uploaded a mod requiring permission has permission to use this mod for any purpose.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed crash bug.
  2. Fixed Issues, Included New Items
  3. Fixed a major bug

Recent Reviews

  1. Skyreacher701
    Version: 1.44444
    Useful. Thanks !
  2. Ram Hum
    Ram Hum
    Version: 1.44444
    It looks really epic, but the file sharing site looks shady, and tells me to "turn off my antivirus." It then spews errors when I try to download without turning anything off.
  3. JmicIV
    Version: 1.44444
    As of right now, it is missing a treasure pool for the heck biome that does not allow the mod to load!
    If this is fixed I'll gladly change my opinion of the mod, but as it stands, it's fairly useless.
  4. Choggo
    Version: 1.44444
    Tested this at Tier 10 and I have to say I highly recommend the mod. The damage on weapons feel very well balanced and a heck of a lot better than the crap you get at T10 vanilla.
    My only suggestions would be to raise the Energy use of guns back up say 30-40% to better balance them (and this is coming from someone who hates vanilla energy use)
  5. John in the 713
    John in the 713
    Version: 1.44444
    Thanks for this. I like it!
  6. Sigvuld
    Version: 1.444
    I don't believe this mod's changes are for me. Currently, I feel I prefer the regular mechanics to these, so I won't use it for now.

    However! I believe a review, or at least my reviews, should be based on the actual quality of the work and the effort put into said work, regardless of if I'd use it or not.

    That being said, the mod worked exactly as advertised, and I was able to notice the differences without any hiccups or crashes. It's great that you actually bothered to make a change to the mechanics and attempt to fix things you viewed as issues for yourself and others, and for all that, five stars!

    Wonderful job, I hope updating goes smoothly for you in the future!
  7. ROFLCopter64bit
    Version: 1.0
    >implying combat was broken in the first place
    I dunno, seems more like an upgrade than a fix to me. But I like it anyway
    10/10 3cool5me