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Outdated Colourful Boats Version 1.1

Just a cosmetic mod which recolours the common green boat (blue, red, yellow).

  1. Beatrice

    Playing mostly on Ocean planets lately on an MP server annoyed me a bit. Five players, everyone having the same boring boat. I'm not a pixel artist, however, I wanted some diversity and recoloured the original boat and changed the symbol on the sail.

    Boat Types

    I added three boats in the colours blue, red and yellow. Here they are:

    - Blue Lion Boat. A blue boat with a blue lionhead on the sail.
    - Red Lily Boat. A red boat with a red lily on the sail.
    - Yellow Cross Boat. A yellow boat with a yellow cross on the sail.

    How to get a new boat

    At the outpost, you may encounter the human scientist; here's a picture:


    She'll give you the blueprints for three (leeven) boats in exchange for a gold bar.






Recent Updates

  1. New Purple Boat
  2. Small fix

Recent Reviews

  1. acidchalk
    Version: Version 1.1
  2. fail1aw
    Version: Version 1.1
    it works :)