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Colored Water Mod 2.4

Adds the ability to craft colored water at a custom station

  1. Crafting Station

    Albeit on the outside this crafting station looks exactly like a stone furnace but never fear you will see shiny new interfaces on the inside. For the low cost of some stone and glass at your basic crafting table, or any others, you can feast your eyes on a new crafting station that will be updated to look like a new crafting station on the outside. Still the same 3 basic waters but now they have rarity settings!

    Note: The audio files are still wonky and I am currently too dumb to figure them out. Despite my best efforts I can't edit the audio volume before amplification, or the range of sfx sound application. It's really really annoying.

    Please anyone give me audio help . . . I left the file in there with as close as I could get.
    Heres my source for the audio :http://soundbible.com/293-Fishtank-Bubbles.html
    Heres a source for converting said audio http://audio.online-convert.com/convert-to-ogg
    I wish I could say simply lower the volume and convert, but obviously its not that simple.
    Next update will be more colors and the new look for the exterior of the crafting station.
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