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[COLORBOUND] 2015/2014 1.0.0

[COLORBOUND] adds 635 + 900 new color selection options for PCs and NPCs! MultiplayerFriendly™!

  1. [COLORBOUND] 2015/2014

    I've decided to rename the mods from "[COLORBOUND]+635" and "[COLORBOUND]+900" to "[COLORBOUND] 2015" and "[COLORBOUND] 2014", respectively.

    There's a bigger reason for doing this, but one of the main factors is that the +635/+900 suffixes seem to be confusing people on the Steam Workshop (because they don't read anything in the descriptions).

    Specifically, people seem to think that +900 is an updated version of +635 instead of the two being different mods.

    I mean, I doubt that changing...
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  2. Guess Who Forgot To Put The Apex Patch Into The Species Folder

    Hint: it was me. orz
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  3. Detailed Species Integrated Patch // Slight Name Change

    Because of the confusion that [COLORBOUND] and [COLORBOUND]+ have been causing over on the Steam Workshop (look at what you wrought!), I've decided to change the name of the folders vis-a-vis mod names a little.
    • [COLORBOUND] is now [COLORBOUND]+635
    • [COLORBOUND]+ is now [COLORBOUND]+900
    The .metadata files have also been updated to reflect the changes.

    You don't really need to download and install the mod again if you...
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  4. Upbeat Kids of the Nova

    °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °
  5. Upbeat Floran Fixing Adventures

    This is a little fix for the floran.species.patch file of the legacy [COLORBOUND]+ colors.

    I'd accidentally mislabelled which part of the body the colors should actually change. Hijinks ensued.

    Ravaella Windstrider, thank you very much. (^・ω・^ )

    (The Resource Update system is being really weird with me recently. Sorry!)
  6. Upbeat Bounding Colors


    Finally updated and working with v. Upbeat Giraffe. (`・ω・´)”

    There isn't anything for the Novakid(s) yet, but I might look...
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  7. Enraged Stray Comma

    There was a stray comma in the Apex fix that caused a crash. Sorry!
    Jimmies were rustled after all.
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  8. Enraged Apex Fur Update

    There was an error in the Apex Fur file in which I'd accidentally duplicated a few of the colors.
    To remedy this mistake, I just made an entirely new palette and replaced all the colors.
    (I actually like these colors more than the previous ones.)
    Jimmies remain unrustled.

  9. Furiously Finalising 「COLORBOUND」

    Version 3.0!
    Adds 612 new color options to STARBOUND.

    36 Apex Fur Colors
    36 Apex Skin Colors
    36 Avian Feather Colors
    36 Avian Fluff Colors (currently tied to feather color)
    36 Floran Flower Colors
    36 Floran Leaf Colors
    36 Floran Skin Colors...
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  10. Furiously Changing Versions

    Everything old is new again!
    Version 2.0.
    993 Colors.
    Unique Palettes!
    Completely remade from scratch!