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Collectable Figurines 3.0

Collectable Figurines from various anime and comics

  1. Scum Bag Update

    Here is the most recent version of the mod.
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  2. Whoops!

    fixed dropbox link
  3. 1k subscribers

    Celebrating 1k subscribers. Special fig added.

    Also added Borderlands figs.
  4. I cant remember!

    Added stuff, cant remember what!
  5. price fixes + working chess

    Fixed minor price issues, added/updated codex. Small note: Chess pieces are usable for playing chess.
  6. UI fix

    Fixed an issue where custom collections UI wasn't showing any collections when you clicked on them.
  7. 500 subscribers!

    New figure added to celebrate 500 subscribers!! Weeee!
  8. MLP Collection Fix

    Fixed issue where crafting MLP would cause crash
  9. Collections Update

    Adding a custom collection for all the different sets. You need a Custom Collections UI to see them. Frackin Universe comes with one built in. If you do not use FU, you can search for a custom collections ui.
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  10. Small Fixes

    Some small fixes