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CN Survalist: Resurrection v3.3.7


  1. ColonolNutty
    CN Survivalist Mod: Resurrection
    Needs New Character? YES
    (old characters are still usable, but you need a new one to get the new "quest" to work)

    In 2014, one of the most unforgiving mods was born. By the hand of modder antonsenlarsen, Survivalist Mod destroyed nearly 3000 players with its difficulty.
    Saddly, in 2015, the great modder was driven mad, and this mod was left to rot, until Durlock picked it up once more, only for Starbound to transform into 1.0 and leave the beta phase. Many have tried to revive the Survivalist Mod for 1.0 but to no avail, until…..


    What is CN Survivalist Mod: Resurrection??
    This mod gives a new challenging experience to Starbound. Forget the childish aspects, the boring features and the easy way out, CN Survivalist will try to kill you! WILL YOU SURVIVE, ONCE MORE?

    -Different tiers and slower progression (say goodbye to the Outpost)
    -New monsters and biomes with new sfx!
    -Unforgiving weather
    -Monster aggression tunned up
    -You eat? You POOP!
    -New weapons and crafting systems
    -New crafting stations
    -Every object breaks on removal (even torches!)
    -More exciting music
    -The addition of dDefinder’s Blood Mod
    -New equipment to replace Techs
    -Fuel has to be crafted
    -New farmable!
    -New clothing
    -Pixels are replaced with SP
    -Less HP for you, more HP for monsters
    -Increased gravity
    -Increase in breath depletion rate
    -Change to the interface
    -No more quests (In a matter of speaking). The progression is marked by the character’s needs and thoughts (Not including other mod quests)
    -New Codex entry (Tips and mechanics)
    -New drops
    -Replaced the white pods with piles of bones
    -Better sapling sprites
    -And much more!



    This mod changes almost every asset in Starbound but it's unlikely it will have a negative effect when paired with other mods (especially ones loaded before it), but you never know. Combine at you own risk! --Note from ColonolNutty: It is compatible with Frackin' Universe now




    1. Back up all your Starbound/storage/player and Starbound/storage/universe files, this is a mod and like all mods, it isn't completely bug proof.
    2. Download the mod (or use GitBash to pull it down), extract the folder and paste it in ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\mods.
    3. SURVIVE


    Improvements from the reboot:
    • I've created a repository, definitely check here because it's where all the files live now: https://github.com/ColonolNutty/CNSurvivalist
    • I've converted alot of the files to .patch files which makes it a whole lot simpler to keep up to date and makes it way more compatible with other mods
    • The survival quest flows better
    • Updated crafting progression
    • And many more!
    • I'll always need testers, because doing it alone takes alot longer.
    • It would help tons if as a community you pitched in and helped a modder out. I'd like to handle it a bit like how Frackin' Universe is handled, so when you guys find bugs/exceptions/errors or other such things, let me know in the discussion tab or send me a PM. You could also log an Issue directly in Github (Probably the best place by far)
    Feedback and suggestions:
    Credits from the original:

    All credit for the creation of the original SurvialistMod goes to antonsenlarsen and his original helpers (which I didn't have access to). Almost every asset was inspired on the original mod one, but had to be done from scratch due to the various patches since then.

    If anyone wants to modify CN Survivalist Mod, you'll need explicit permissions from me.
    Anyone out there can offer some improvements they'd like to see

    Credits to the original mod and the first reboot of the mod:
    • antonsenlarsen
    • Durlock

    Shout-out to Wilkenfeld, whose amazing graphic skills helped make some cool visual effects!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. v3.3.7
  2. v3.3.6
  3. v3.3.5

Recent Reviews

  1. Doompiggy
    Version: v2.0.61
    it's awesome :D it make the game challenging BUT fair,only problem...how the hell do i get 2345464654543454 survival point at the start x)?
  2. Doompiggy
    Version: v2.0.5
    i'd like to use it...if it didn't remove A.L.L npc
    1. ColonolNutty
      Author's Response
      Enjoy the change to NPCs!
  3. Limbom
    Version: v2.0.1
    Great mod, it's just what the game lacked - hardcore.
    Many thanks for compatibility with FU. And for downloading from the Github, it's easier to update.