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CN More Farming v7.11.183

Want to spice up your kitchen with a multitude of ingredients, well now you can, again!

  1. Pukitaki
    Version: v7.11.179
    If I could only have ONE MOD in my game... This would be it.

    By the way, are you still open to recipe suggestions?
    1. ColonolNutty
      Author's Response
      I'm always open to recipe suggestions.
  2. Checker
    Version: v6.10.164
    Great mod! But my game lag when i place recipe book to world.
    1. ColonolNutty
      Author's Response
      Unavoidable lag, and it is one time (upon placing it) lag only. Better than lag in the interface itself.
  3. qinlongfei
    Version: v6.10.163
    Judging this mod solely on the author's intention for what the mod is trying to accomplish, it is easily a 10/10. The mod makes cooking process in Starbound to be as realistic as possible in a 8-bit video game, and it add variety to Starboud's food item that make me scratch my head on why Chucklefish didn't include in the first place (No noodles? Come on).

    Unfortunately, if I would judge this mod solely base on my personal taste then I instantly drop it like a hot potato.

    The biggest problem for me (which I freely admit to other can be completely positive) is how this make cooking in Starbound a total micromanagement nightmare. This mod changes most meal in the game to requires multiple work in progress to make, and those items are further distributed to multiple different workstations. It instantly give me Fracking Universe PTSD where I can't remember which station I need to go to make the basic component of an advanced item I want to make. I would say in this case it is worse than Fracking Universe's crafting system, since cooking is tied to survival's hunger meter. And it's just annoying to wildly go around trying to remember where I need to flip through the menu to make an intermediary item to cook a meal as my hunger meter ticks towards red.

    While the mod does give an 'all in one' craft station in the form of a 'cheat menu' (the name and description about how I'm 'cheating to obliterate immersion' comes off as rather smug and patronising but I digress), it still does little to mitigate the problem of the micromanagement nightmare since I still need to sift through a bunch of items and make a bunch of work in progress to make the finished meal.

    While I think it deserves a 5 star rate due to the huge amount of work author puts in, and it complete what it tries to do spectacularly (all my complain so far is more about I didn't enjoy what the author is trying to do, so really I'm the problem, not the mod), this mod should still be used by dedicated role players who like to make their Starbound as immersive as possible to real life, or hardcore players who want to make their Starbound experience much more challenging than vanilla game.

    I can't help but feel this mod can really benefit from a 'CN More Farming: Lite Edition', where it retains all the new crops and finished meal recipe but eliminate the need for multiple workstations, and the intermediary items need to craft those meal. So players like me who enjoy Starbound when it is more of a relaxing colony builder can still enjoy the new crops and recipe but don't need to go through the extra hassle to bake a loaf of bread.
  4. rizjah
    Version: v6.10.157
    yummy :-D
  5. AngleWyrm
    Version: v6.8.124
    Great idea for new plants and food, but has issues generating lag in store menus, and the storage system is painfully small.
    1. ColonolNutty
      Author's Response
      Storage system still in the works, but the lag no longer occurs with the new interfaces in the latest updates!
  6. Cryogeist
    Version: v6.7.98
    IT'S BAAAAAAACK!!! *cries tears of joy*
    1. ColonolNutty
      Author's Response
      and better than ever!
  7. JT`
    Version: v3.6.72
    The mod expands the farming content substantially, but it is far more of a "cooking mod" than a "farming mod", and it radically alters the cooking process far too much for my taste (oh, a pun... well, it's out there).

    Instead of most everything being crafted at a kitchen counter with various cosmetic ovens for basic roasting, you will now have to remember the differences between baking, blending, boiling, canning, frying... which is shared for you with renames of every furnishing to further remind you of how excessively different everything is. =)

    While the roleplay aspects are phenomenal, there's just a little too much tedium, a little too much interface alteration, a little too much clutter, a little too much collectionism, and a little too little reward for it all. In other words, a little too far into "total overhaul" to the point that it doesn't feel "vanilla" enough for me.
    1. ColonolNutty
      Author's Response
      Updated, there is now an item called "Cheater's Recipe Book" which acts exactly as the Kitchen Counter, if you'd rather not go through the tedium, it may be exactly what you're looking for. (Crafting button and all) Only thing is, you need to be an admin to craft it. It isn't the intended direction or use of this mod, which is why this is.
  8. Reyghel
    Version: v3.6.68
    A mods that adds a greater amount of crops, so you can have a space farm and feed yourself well. It says the mod Revitalize agriculture. I only hope to discover the crops in time and not starve.
  9. Idemuso
    Version: v3.6.66
    Amazing mod! Love it. Hope more people check it out <3
  10. KTrinsic
    Version: v3.6.56
    Great addition to the variety of foods!
  11. Idemuso
    Version: v3.4.41
    love it <3
  12. Idemuso
    Version: v3.4.36
    amazing <3