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Climates of Ferngill 1.3

Adds a weather system to the game

  1. Updated to 1.3

    Koihime Nakamura
  2. Stable release of 1.0 is now out.

    Koihime Nakamura
    This adds in weather commands and is stable (and tested) on SDV 1.2!
  3. SDV 1.2 compatiblity

    Koihime Nakamura
    This mod adds functionality for returning to the title, which should make it compatible with SDV 1.2
  4. Bug fix update

    Koihime Nakamura
    Fixed some errors in how it handles the weather. Mainly logic errors.
  5. A major update (1.0 rc4)

    Koihime Nakamura
    - Adds a menu!
    - A lot of minor improvements
    - Hazardous Weather events (storms, frost, heatwaves)

    Full Release will be once I make sure the changes for the 1.2.16 update work fine. (i.e it goes out of beta)
  6. 0.8.0 is out and stable!

    Koihime Nakamura
    - From the beta, added in temp gauge options, as documented in README
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  7. Beta release out

    Koihime Nakamura
    This is for beta testing

    - New weather system
    - TV will display weather
    - Basis for future updates.

    - Updated for SMAPI 1.2+
  8. TV tweaks

    Koihime Nakamura
    - Checks if it is a festival the next day. I'm reasonably sure this is handled in game but it provides an extra level of safety.

    - Now will try and match TV weather in order to allow it to be more accurate
  9. Small bug fix

    Koihime Nakamura
    Fixed an issue affecting storms in spring.