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Classical Weaponry 2.1

Brand new melee weapon types, with more coming soon!

  1. Compatibility update. IMPORTANT CHANGE! PLEASE READ!!!

    This mod should now be compatible with virtually anything, as long as it doesn't change the vanilla weapon scripts.

    The IDs of all weapons have been changed, and this unfortunately means that any weapons already in your possession will become Perfectly Generic Items.
    If you want to use the spawnitem command to get your lost items back, the new IDs follow this format: cw + <lowercase name without spaces> with "alt" added at the end for alternate forms (dark titanium and gold durasteel for rapiers and estocs, or blue tassel with spin special for halberds)
    So for example, a dark titanium rapier would be "cwtitaniumrapieralt", and a normal durasteel halberd would be "cwdurasteelhalberd"

    I believe that I've flushed out all the bugs that came with this conversion, but if you happen to find something that I missed, please let me know. Any bugs that happened to come up are likely only little bitty things that will take less than a minute or two to fix, but I can only do that if I know about them.
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