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Outdated Classic Grey Alien race Enraged Koala 1.3.1

Grey aliens - now with a twist!

  1. Just re-uploading the files

    Here you go, ready to download. I'm not working on Starbound mods anymore though.
  2. Fixed Captains Chair - now your starmaps should work!

    Changelog v. Enraged Koala 1.3.1
    * Made captainschair "loungeable" - which fixes the problem with it not opening the starmap
    * Made greynicechair "loungeable"
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  3. Compatibility with Enraged Koala

    Changelog v. Enraged Koala 1.3.0
    * Compatibility with Enraged Koala
  4. What rimes with noobs? ... Few bugfixes, new brainfood, lowered energy drain of Scout UFO tier 6-10

    Changelog v. Furious Koala 1.2.6
    * Lowered energy drain on Scout UFO tier 6-10 - Was draining way too fast!
    * Added BrainBran Bar - take advantage of thoes inferior brains Grey style! Credit to @drageuth
    * "Durasteel Plated Laser Rifle" is now craftable

    Rimes with noobs:
    * Made female grey have "assets"
    * Made sleek outfit have "assets"
    * Made greytier1 armor have "assets"
    * Made greytier3 armor have "assets"
    * Made greytier10 armor have "assets"...
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  5. Pyramid ship, new weapon design, craftable laser rifles and lots more!

    Changelog v. Furious Koala 1.2.5
    As always, remove the entire folder before adding the updated mod

    First off, thank you all - the previous version almost made it to 600 downloads! I really appreciate all your comments and bug reports, it helps me stay motivated! I would love to see some screenshots of your ships/houses as we progress.

    I hope you enjoy this version even more than the previous ones. The ship is now...
  6. Lazy engineers and missing villagers!

    * Engineers have been punished and forced to replace every seat on every grey "Nice Chair". You SHOULD be able to sit down properly!
    Thanks to @Hyaziha for the bug report!

    * Villagers had gone missing from several camps, apparently due to guards not being able to find their pants... this has been solved and villagers should be able to be found again, unfortunatly - already found Grey Settlements won't have villagers in them unfortunatly.
    Thanks to @Emilo Chaplo for the bug report!

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  7. Fixed download link! Thanks to Emilo Chaplo!

    * Fixed download link! Thanks to Emilo Chaplo!
  8. UFO mech fix - all tiers

    * UFO mech would crash the game when attempting to lock the tech in

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  9. Bugfixes - tier3 chest and 3-color file

    * Fixed a bug that made the tier3 chest not appear in the crafting table
    * Fixed a bug with the 3-color species file, that would make the game not load
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  10. LOADS of new stuff - including Grey dungeon, Scout UFO Mech tech and a new style!

    Changelog v. Furious Koala 1.2.1

    Cosmetic changes:
    * Ship lights made invisible
    * Reskinned the creature tamer station (As I don't want to edit the player file - there will be two in your recepies list)
    * Started on custom respawn animation (WIP, based off Apex respawn)
    * Reskinned the captains chair
    * Reskinned the teleporter pad
    * Reskinned shipdoors
    * Changed and finished Grey Flag

    Tech Changes:
    * Added Scout UFO mech -...
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