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Outdated Classic Grey Alien race Enraged Koala 1.3.1

Grey aliens - now with a twist!

  1. What rimes with noobs? ... Few bugfixes, new brainfood, lowered energy drain of Scout UFO tier 6-10

    Changelog v. Furious Koala 1.2.6
    * Lowered energy drain on Scout UFO tier 6-10 - Was draining way too fast!
    * Added BrainBran Bar - take advantage of thoes inferior brains Grey style! Credit to @drageuth
    * "Durasteel Plated Laser Rifle" is now craftable

    Rimes with noobs:
    * Made female grey have "assets"
    * Made sleek outfit have "assets"
    * Made greytier1 armor have "assets"
    * Made greytier3 armor have "assets"
    * Made greytier10 armor have "assets"

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